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BeSafe: Export or print function?

From: wings
Date: 18 Aug 2004


I've been using the PalmOS version of BeSafe for quite a while now. I've seen several posts from people who want the ability to export the data from BeSafe (in an uncrypted form) or at least print a hard copy of the data. However, I couldn't find any response from the support team. Is this a feature that you intend to put in? Personally I think it's critical. If I lose my Palm I lose EVERYTHING (unless, of course, I have written down all the information in a separate location). If I choose to switch to a different PDA type, I'd have to re-enter all the data. I just downloaded the Windows BeSafe application. It looks great but without a print or export function, I am not interested in paying for it. Do you have plans to add this? I hope you do since I like your product and am not looking forward to re-entering the data in some other product. Thanks

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