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Re: BeSafe: Export or print function?

From: Beiks support
Date: 18 Aug 2004


Export from the desktop is under development as we speek.

I must also point out you are not correct about losing your data if you lose your Palm. It is still backed up on your desktop every time you synchronize and will be restored if you use the same account. Same holds true for most of the important data on the device and you wouldn't want it any other way.

Exporting may also not be as nice as you may think, because there is no unified format to which applications import and export such data; that is, even when we do the export function, that still would only be half-ways solution to you for your presumable future program will most likely not be able to import it. It may be importing SOMETHING, but chances are good it will not be the same thing. Lack of standards.

Finally, by preventing people to make printable copies we - even though unwillingly - help the program serve its function. How can you think you will be safe with a printout of all that data? I personally would never print or export it (and I do use BeSafe, because of its simplicity compared to other similar programs).

Why do we add export after all then? Well, because one day it *may* happen that someone will want to make an import filter for the data we are exporting. Chances are slim, but they certainly do exist.

Let me also point out that by increasing them (i.e. by providing export) we make an open invitation to all competitors to implement such import functions only with the idea of luring BeSafe users away.

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