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Re: BDicty 5.5 & cyrrilic support

From: Beiks support
Date: 13 Sep 2004


There are no known issues running Bulgarian, Russian or any other Cyrillic based dictionaries on BDicty dictionary 5.5; quite the opposite, since some of the product development is actually based in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and Russia) we are quite positive the Cyrillic support is stable and hasn't changed from 5.05 to 5.5.

There are two things you may want to check: first, the CyrHack may not have the high-resolution fonts localized to Cyrillic and thus display the standard Latin charset there; if that is the case then Cyrillic would also be unavailable in MemoPad. Second, BDicty Dictionary 5.5 allows custom font selection per dictionary lexcion; if a font that is not Cyrillic (or system, and the system must be localized to cyrillic) then you would see improper output.

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