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Kids Paint registration

From: Chris Hunter
Date: 21 Sep 2004


Problem #1--I recently upgraded to a Treo 600. When I had to get a new memory card also. When I reinstalled Kids Paint I received a new unlock code. When I put the unlock code in it works but then a get an I/O Error "Failed to open Please select another picute collection" I hit ok and it bring me to the "Select Picture collection". When I pick the Alphabet collection it says "This coloring book is designed for PDA's with lower display resolutions than yours." But this was the only resolution for this collection you had. When I hit ok it works though. It says the same thing for the Cartoon coloring book, but I know I selected the low resolution (160X160) when I downloaded the collection. My Treo 600 is 160X160.

Problem #2--I put in my password under preferences put when I go to exit and use my password it says access denied, wrong password. I know it is the right password because I triple checked it. Inorder to exit Kids Paint I have to do a Soft reset.

Problem #3--When ever I use Kids Paint I have to put in the password each time and register it. This happened even before problem #2 above started.

How can I fix all these problems so my kids can play with Kids Paint again. (They are driving me nuts in church now):)

TIA Chris

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