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Bdicty Pro doesnt' work

From: Ernie
Date: 23 Sep 2004


I downloaded this program a few minutes ago, but I've been using the free version several months--I have several user made dictionaries I want to use this with for bible study, but when I change to a diffrent dictionary, it crashes my Tapwave Zodiac2 (90 megs of free memory) and displays an error msg of Fatal Exception 10 0000003F 20150C03 2014FA10444200AC it locks up my machine and I have to do a soft reset manually to get the machine to work again. The dictionaries aren't made by you but they've worked fine with the free version (Amtract, ISBE, some strongs lexicon, several other bible-oriented material). I have absolutly no use for this program if this can't be corrected. I might add that it does this no matter what dictionary I switch to, I've tried them all.

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