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Re: German Phrasebook, No Sound Icon

From: Beiks support
Date: 09 Oct 2004


Hi Michael!

The dictionary bundles are separate products from the talking phrasebooks. First, they preceeded them historically, for all handheld devices used to have hardware limitations preventing them from actually pronouncing recorded sound. Then, the dictionaries have much wider coverage range than the phrasebooks, which are mostly geared towards tourists. Last, but not least, the development of the talking phrasebooks was generally a separate effort costing us more and, accordingly, we have a separate pricing model for it.

This is to explain why by buying a dictionary bundle one does NOT get a talking phrasebook.

Now comes the slightly tricky part: both the talkign and the standard (voiceless) phrasebooks have the same title; if one installs a talking phrasebook on their Palm powered PDA and then installs a regular one, even with the same different content, the sound will disappear as an option; this is because the content file itself will not be tagged as "using sound". We should have made them have different names at least, so that the user does not get confused as we will probbaly do in the next release.

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