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"Woman Desktop" Questions

Date: 19 Oct 2004


I have to basic questions about Woman For PalmOS. I am a registered user.

1. My wife and I have been inputing data into my pda and/or the woman desktop and they have been synching perfectly. Now we want to start synching one data set between my pda, my wifes pda and the woman desktop. In other words, if I enter in an event on my woman pda, the next time I sync it would be picked up by the desktop. The next time my wife sincs her pda we would like to pick u that event on her pda. I know that we can "transfer" data, but this doesn't accopmplish what we have in mind. Is this possible or will it be possible in the near future?

2. My wife would like to print of some of the data (charts, grafts, calendars etc) to take with her to her next doctors appointment. Is there a way from within Woman Desktop that I'm not seeing? If not, is this feature going to be added in the near future?

Thank you for your response.

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