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English dictionary Install issue on blackberry

From: heuristics
Date: 12 Nov 2004


I am installing the english dictionary on a blackberry 7280. I get the following error message during the install to the handheld:

Messgages: “Warnings were encountered during the loading process:

“The following modules could not be loaded because their digital signatures were invalid.” EnglishGold0.cod EnglishGold1.cod EnglishGold10.cod EnglishGold11.cod EnglishGold12.cod EnglishGold13.cod EnglishGold14.cod EnglishGold15.cod EnglishGold16.cod

Need help.

I went through the install process several times. I removed data, making sure there was ample space, but still had the same issue.

I tried installing the smaller version, and it still produced the digital signature issue.

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