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Re: Dictionary Installation Problem

From: Beiks support
Date: 16 Dec 2004


Using File Explorer, go to your Palm Desktop folder.

First, try to locate and run an application called InstApp. If you can run it, you will notice it is similar to QuickInst; this is the classic tool for installing Palm applications and it should be lisitng the file in reference. It should also let you delete it or change its destination.

Alternatively, locate your user folder in Palm Desktop's folder. For two word accounts, it is usually a combination from the first and second word; for "Peter Muler" it would be something like "MulerP".

Once you locate your folder, go inside and then go one level deeper in the "CardInst" folder. This is where the above mentioned application stores the files that are about to go to media cards. Just deleting the file from there will take care of the problem.

It is interesting to know what exactly is going on, though. This is certainly not a normal installation experience.

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