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Netwalk 2.2 NW03 level 13, 18 and 20

From: Hermann Schott
Date: 11 Feb 2005


Can you please clarify the status about these levels. Level 13 is asked about frequently in this forum, but there is never a clear answer from you, whether it is solvable or not in the current config. Same thing with level 20. I never managed to solve it. Also 35 moves for level 18 seems very little, is that correct? I have solved all the other levels in NW01, NW02 and NW03 without problems, so I like to think it's not me. ;-) It does not feel right to buy a puzzle solving product with puzzles that are not set up correctly. I don't like the idea that solving the puzzle includes editing them.

So please, please help me out. I really love this game. When I bought it I raced through the levels like mad. I really would like to finish NW03 now so that I can go on with other sets.

Help!!! Hermann Schott Sweden

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