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Re: removing application from blackberry 7250

From: Beiks support
Date: 09 Mar 2005


There is absolutely nothing special about this program - or any of the rest - that would make it difficult to uninstall. It works the same way for any BlackBerry application and because of the BB security there is, in fact, very little if anything an application could do to prevent you uninstalling it.

You either do not do it right or there is a more general problem for which you would better contact BlackBerry or your carrier.

Most likely you are just not doing it right. Make sure you uninstall the application from within the Desktop Manager and not just through the Windows Control Panel...although, in fact, that should do as well.

Either case, please let us know what exactly is or is not happening, meaning whether you run Desktop Manager all right, whether you see the application listed there, whether you uncheck its box and proceed, whether it is displaying activity etc.

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