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Woman 6.0: Palm -> PPC transfer data not working

From: Sabatinka
strVerify: PD5PD9
Date: 15 Jun 2006


Dear Beiks, I recently moved my platform from Palm to PPC and some problems with Woman data occured. I used Palm handheld version since January 2003 having also Windows version installed at the same time but not used very often - Palm was the "main" data-entry tool. Last month I bought Dell Axim x51v and installed Woman on it. PPC User account appeared in the upper Woman for Windows menu, so now there are 3 of them: Woman, Palm User and PPC User. Using Windows version and instructions from help system I made "Transfer data.." from Palm User account to PPC User account and.. no effect. The dialog ""Your data was transferred to PPC User" appears and that's it. Data which is visible on the Woman account and Palm User account are not visible in the PPC User account. Whatsmore data entered on the Dell after sync'ing are not visible either on the PPC User account in the Windows version. Also data entered on the PPC User account after sync'ing are not visible on the Dell. Looks like Dell version is completely isolated from Windows environment. What's happening and what should I do to transfer Palm data to PPC handheld? I don't want to use Palm version anymore but it looks like I can't switch easily to PPC version.

thanks for help Sabatinka

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