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Re: New idea for an e-dictionary

From: Bobby
strVerify: -BEIKS
Date: 22 Jun 2006


If your idea is already in a patent pending state, then just post it online and let us (developers) evaluate it.

They way you approach the problem, though, is hardly going to help you. One of the biggest problems we developers have is catching up with our own ideas; chances are more than good that someone somewhere has already thought of what you have thought.

The advantage of a patent is a very useful one, but, as you may find out, is worth very little without the idea actually being brought to life - and in a form and size that would justify having the patent.

Things like dynamic data merging or posting data to a central repository or even distributed data sharing are a few examples of technologies that are not yet (to the best of my knowledge) utilized in the mobile reference space, but it doesn't mean people have not thought of them or do not have prototypes working.

The bottom line is that it is that what you bring to the market that matters. And bringing things to the market costs, especially in a developed market.

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