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Re: Interesting observation...

From: BEIKS support
strVerify: -BEIKS
Date: 02 Sep 2006


It is supposed to be like that, yes. It is the same with the other downloads you have made, I am sure.

However, the fact that you were able to download other apps OTA suggests there might be a problem that we might be able to address.

Would you care to send me a link to a JAD file that you were able to download successfuly?

FYI, JAD is the file that the browser needs to download in order to download a JAR. In other words, every downloadable BlackBerry file has two components: the file itself (a COD file, in which a JAR is encapsulated) and a descripter (JAD) file. The JAD file barely describes the COD/JAR file that, which is the actual program.

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