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Re: Blackberry 7130c does not find dictionary

From: BEIKS support
strVerify: -BEIKS
Date: 13 Sep 2006


The most common reason why this could be happening is insufficient memory.

The most common way to check that is to free as much memory as possible - eventually by deleting other applications - and leaving only one dictionary document loaded.

It's a little hard to explain - especially considering we are still unable to understand formulate it properly - but the problem does not seem to be tied to the REPORTED available memory on the device; probably due to memory segmentation, often the device still reports a lot of free memory, but there is not enough sufficient to allow the dictionary viewer to work (that may be insufficient heap memory, if you are technical).

Whatever the case, free some programs, especially programs working in the background, and try again.

Once you get the dictionary running, it is often possible (but not guaranteed) that you can enable the rest of the programs one by one and finally get the whole working set.

We do apologize for this far from structured direction to resolving the problem, but the simple truth is this is the best we got after few years of remotely troubleshooting the problem.

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