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Pilot Catapult for many users

From: LB
strVerify: RJC628
Date: 23 Sep 2006


I download and try Pilot Catapult Light for Palm. It's a great tool. I create a project and set all files to be installed on memory card then build the corresponding exe file. Then i double-clic on the exe file to install on the card of my PDA. I select the UserID of my first PDA (i have 2 Palms, a Tungsten T3 and a Sony TH55 and each PDA has a different userID). After installed on the T3, i run again the exe to install on my TH55. In the window i select the userID corresponding to the TH55 and the following error message appears: One or more files need to be installed on extension card The selected account "USERID" does not have extension card registered with this computer. The installation could not continue.

What is the meaning of this message ? What can i do to install on my 2nd PDA ?

Thanks for your support

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