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Re: Uncaught exception error

From: Bobby
strVerify: -BEIKS
Date: 11 Oct 2006


Thank you for purchasing Noah, but no, it has nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing.

Although relatively rarely, this is not the first time we come across this problem. We have not been able to reproduce it locally, but we believe it has to do with insufficient heap memory.

Please bear with us and we will try to work it out.

First, can you flip through the active applications on your BlackBerry and let us know which they are? Better yet, try to close as much of them as you can, through the "Close" or "Exit" menu command in them.

Not sure how you flip through active applications on your BlackBerry (sorry!), but it's basically the equivalent of pressing ALT-TAB on a Windows desktop.

On my BlackBerry Pearl I do that by holding down the SHIFT button and simulatenously pressing the BACK (escape) button; on other BlackBerries it will likely be also a combination of the shift and another button. I believe all BlackBerries have that functionality.

Further, please try this: uninstall KJV NT and see if NIV works

Please let us know!

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