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Re: Beiks BDicty Pro 5.7 and Text Complete, not compatible

From: BEIKS support
strVerify: -BEIKS
Date: 28 Oct 2006


Thank you for that warning or feedback, whichever of the two it was.

It is not quite clear if this is a normal situation and presently we do not have a position on that point; if AutoComplete works properly, then it certainly should work in the BEIKS dictionary the same way it would work in any other application.

Yet yes, there is an argument to be made that since both application do somewhat similar things (even if only within the range of the dictionary program) then it would make sense to have the two of them colliding trying to do it.

At any rate, if you, as a customer, feel that you are missing functionality by having to disable WordComplete in BEIKS Dictionary, please let us know!

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