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Re: upgrading to version 3

From: BEIKS support
strVerify: -BEIKS
Date: 10 Nov 2006


Platform 2 is not what you are looking for.

We should have mentioned earlier that since you have disclosed you are on 8700 , you certainly cover the requirements for running Noah 3.0.

The 8700 series run handheld system version 4.1 and even if there is an upgrade available to it (there often are), it would be relatively minor and certainly not affect the Bible viewer's behavior.

Anyone upgrading from Noah 2.0 to Noah 3.0 should not worry about upgrading the handheld system at all - the two versions have literally the same requirements to software and hardware; Noah 3.0 reqires a little more free space in order to install the new search index files, but that's pretty much the only difference.

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