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Re: Uncaught exception:java.lang.Error

From: aaron levine
strVerify: RL83J6
Date: 13 Jan 2007


no I do not think you are on the right track here. I successfully downloaded the English dictionary to my Blackberry first. It works fine. Upon realizing that I needed to download the Lexspell software separately, I did so this morning. Immediately upon installation I could not open the Lexspell program on my Blackberry because I received the identified error message. SAince I received the identical error message when I installed e-Spell software in the pastm I have got to believe there is a setting within my Blackberry unit causing the error message when I attempt to install either software program. This also raises the question as to what these programs have in common in terms of the way they are designed to interact with Blackberry that would assist in explaining this error message. As noted above, if you remove either spellchecker program and re-boot the Blackberry, the error message disappears as well.


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