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Re: Uncaught exception:java.lang.Error

From: BEIKS support
strVerify: -BEIKS
Date: 14 Jan 2007


From what you say, there could be two possible reasons you are getting this message (apart from not installing the full spelling checker package):

First, it could be something to do with the "hook" that both programs use in order to attach thier respective menus to the built-in email application of the blackberry.

Second, and I think this is more likely, it would have to do with the available system resources or lack thereof. Try this: uninstall the dictionary program and then try one of the spelling checkers, I do not think it matters which one. If this works, then it is most likely a matter of system resources. If it does not, it still does not mean it is not a matter of system resources, but it becomes less likely.

Let us know!

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