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Lexspell in email cannot find dictionary plus ..

From: Aaron Levine
strVerify: H18153
Date: 14 Jan 2007


I tried a hard battery removal and re-start and this time I did not receive a "Java language exception error". The Lexspell link now appears as it should in email. When I go to compose a new email and then click on Lexspell, I get an error message "No dictionary found! java.lang.ClassNotFoundException" I then hit "OK". Now I get the message "Selected dictionary is empty!" and I presss "OK".

Next I get the Lexspell registration screen and I am asked to provide a Reg.code. I presume that thi is the same thing as the "Unlocking Code" no. that I recived by email following my purchase of Lexspell. I am then advised that the registration code I have entered is incorrect. I have entered the Unlock Code with and without dashes however the number is simply not excepted.

Would you kindly assist me with these issues so I can finally get the program up and running . Aaron Levine

PS. If it makes any difference to the problem that I am having, I purchased the English Dictionary which I installed before installing Lexspell, then I removed them both and trtied a fresh install of Lexspell and then the dictionary. This did not appear to make any difference. Thanks

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