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Blackberry 7130e does not find English dictionary

From: tef
strVerify: 315L25
Date: 17 Jan 2007


A post on Sept. 12 by Larry555 indicated that his Blackberry 7130c could not find the English dictionary. I have a similar experience with my 7130e. Based on the response to the post on Sept 13 by BEIKS Support, suggesting a memory limitation, I tried uninstalling the large (gold) English dictionary and installing the standard 17000 word dictionary, and that didn't work either. The dictionary reader simply indicates "Installed References --none--". Note that both the dictionary reader AND the dictionary file do show up on my applications list on the Blackberry under "Advanced Options -> Applcations". Maybe there is some sort of software incompatibility with the 7130? Note that I have PLENTY of memory available, nearly 30Meg, so I do not believe this is a memory-size problem. Note that I am running the latest OS release, Any suggetions?

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