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Re: Blackberry 7130e does not find English dictionary

From: BEIKS support
strVerify: -BEIKS
Date: 17 Jan 2007


The 7130 models are, in fact, know to cause such problems and not only with our applications. This has also been confirmed by RIM.

The reason is that the heap memory available to dynamic application execution is not sufficient or not properly managed - this part is not quite clear. To be frank, it is not even clear if it is the exaxtly the heap memory or another parameter of the gobal OS , e.g. concurrent running processes, concurrent opened files etc.

On a quick technical note for the laymen, the "memory" is not at all covered by the reported available storage memory by the device. Maybe a "resource" would be a more appropriate term to use, but since internally it all boils down to available memory (be it one kind or another), engineers often call it what it actually is - memory.

So, put simply, the 7130 models are known to have insufficient resources, which prevents certain resource-hungry applications from executing.

Those "resources" usually boil down to available memory, but this is NOT the memory reported by the device; think of it as the memory that was actually taken so that the reported [storage] memory is more and more.

There are two major reasons for this "insufficiency" and the reason we say that is because you have control over one of them. The operating system has predefined certain rules of memory allocation and management and BlackBerry users have little control over that. Those pre-determinations are different from model to model and this probably is why 7130 models suffer from that more than the rest. However, it also varies from one OS version to another, so there is a chance that future OS update may relax the rules and give applications more memory (probably at the cost of the number of applications that can be installed or something like that).

The other factor, the one that you have control over, is the applications installed and running on the device. When the BlackBerry initializes, many applications are notified and initialize themselves, be it "stand-by" mode or in active data exchange mode, whether you see or know it or not. A spell-checker, for example, or the word auto-complete feature, may load all its database and place it in RAM so that it has faster access to it whenever you may need it. Google Maps may pre-allocate certain amount of memory in order to provide better experience while scrolling the maps etc. etc.

Where I am going at is that such applications additionally - and often greatly - consume the available resources. Those resources that are NOT included in the reported available memory.

What can you ultimately do? - Wait for (or actively push) developers like us to develop applications that are less resource aggressive and thus can work under "tight resources" conditions

- Wait for (or actively push) RIM to release an US update which relaxes the resources in your favor

- Uninstall aplications from your handheld that eat up system resources

I hope this helps.


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