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removal of "java.lang.exception.Error" with Lexspell

From: Aaron Levine
strVerify: B21987
Date: 18 Jan 2007


In the spirit of sharing, I have tripped acroos a solution to remove the java.lang error message that appeared when I installed Lexspell. Firstly, I downloaded Lexspell spelling checker v 1.4 as suggested by Bobby. A friend in high tech suggested I re-examine application permission. THE SOLUTION for my 8700 Blackbery: go to Options, then Advanced Options, then Applications. Find the Lexspell spell checker and go to Edit Permissions. The go down to User Data and change Email from Deny (default) to Allow, and also change PIM from deny (default) to Allow.... save and exit.

Now, go to the Lexspell work list and do the same steps making certain to save your changes before exiting.

Finally, I pulled the battery and then replaced it to permit a hard re-start (just to kick everything back in to place)... ... well that was it ... no error message and Lexspell working like a charm in my native Blackberry email .

Hope this helps ...


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