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Suggested enhancement for Noah Bible Viewer

From: tef
strVerify: G556B6
Date: 29 Jan 2007


I have a suggestion for an enhancement to Noah Bible Viewer. Now that a fast indexed search is available, we need a convenient way of advancing to the NEXT reference. Here's what I mean: When you "Go to" a search result to view one verse in the search results, the only way to view the next verse in the search results is to (1) go back to the Search command, (2) scroll to the next search result (trying to remember where you left off), and (3) "Go to" that reference. Other Bible software has a NEXT command that lets you immediatly navigate to the next search result while viewing any one of the search result verses.

A second minor enhancement would be to list not only the scripture reference in the search result list, but also the first few words of each verse.

Other than that, the indexed search in version 3.0 is GREAT! It transformed Noah Bible Reader from having the world's slowest search command, to having the world's fastest search command, in a PDA Bible viewer!

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