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BEIKS Diccionario Español avanzado para Android
Spanish monolingual dictionary with over 20,000 headwords

Google's Android OS

Current version: 1.3 (revision history)
System requirements: Android 1.5 and higher

Verified to work on:
* Google's Nexus One
* Motorola DROID
* HTC Magic / T-Mobile MyTouch
* HTC Hero
* T-Mobile G1
Required memory: 1.88 MB
Known issues/FAQ: Known issues
BEIKS Diccionario Español avanzado para Android

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Application description

Este paquete de Diccionario Español a Español ofrece 20.000 palabras con la información del género proporcionado directamente en línea. Incluye las definiciones para los significados europeos y americanos, con acento en Español europeo. Ofrece una cobertura amplia en las áreas relevantes al negocio y a la conversación, y va a ayudar a los usuarios a entender y a definir mejor las palabras necesarias.

Diccionario Español avanzado para Android

Common dictionary features:
    Optimized for reference content (dictionaries) resulting in simplified functionality and enhanced user experience;
    Free dictionary downloads for all trials;
    Available on other mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm OS) so you can keep on using it even when you change your device;
    Full support for external media cards;
    Optional view of words list with translations on the same screen;
    Voice recognition for the English words;
    Dictionary browsing with fast word positioning;
    Excellent data compression;


BEIKS strongly recommends downloading and evaluating a software product prior to purchasing it.

Free download directly to phone

If the above link does not work, please point the browser of your mobile phone to and try downloading from there.

This section is still under construction as there are no known issues presently.


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