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BEIKS English <-> Hebrew Dictionary for Android
Offline English-Hebrew-English dictionary for Android phones

Google's Android OS

Current version: 1.3 (revision history)
System requirements: Android 1.5 and higher

Verified to work on:
* Google's Nexus One
* Motorola DROID
* HTC Magic / T-Mobile MyTouch
* HTC Hero
* T-Mobile G1
Required memory: 1.13 MB
Known issues/FAQ: Known issues
BEIKS English <-> Hebrew Dictionary for Android

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Application description

The comprehensive and carefully selected bi-directional Hebrew - English - Hebrew Dictionary for Android is designed to cover the needs of the English speaker challenged with colloquial Hebrew in the field. Whether student from beginner to advanced level, professional or business user who need it at work, you should find this dictionary a handy and useful addition to your communication arsenal.

Based on the mobile industry standard BEIKS Dictionary Reader, this product is specially optimized for one-hand operation, minimal memory requirements and optimal access speed. Once installed the dictionary does NOT require or utilize network connection.

The compact and handy dictionary features about 20,000 unique colloquial terms in each direction.


    Hebrew translations of over 27,000 English words
    English translations of over 11,000 Hebrew words
    Native support for external media cards
    Rich, detailed word definitions; multiple meanings
    Simple and convenient program interface
    Offline dictionary database - always in coverage and no data transfer charges
    High dictionary compression ratio, allowing more than 4MB of data to fit in under 2MB device memory!
    Easy installation


BEIKS strongly recommends downloading and evaluating a software product prior to purchasing it.

Free download directly to phone

If the above link does not work, please point the browser of your mobile phone to and try downloading from there.

This section is still under construction as there are no known issues presently.


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