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Pilot Lines for Android
Play the popular Color Lines game on your Android phone!

Google's Android OS

Current version: 1.0 (revision history)
System requirements: Android 1.5 and higher

Verified to work on:
* Google's Nexus One
* Motorola DROID
* HTC Magic / T-Mobile MyTouch
* HTC Hero
* T-Mobile G1
Required memory: 150 kB
Known issues/FAQ: Known issues
Pilot Lines for Android

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Application description

About the game: This is a truly remarkable game, similar to Atomica, Double Trouble and Bejeweled. In fact, it is quite possible that Lines is the true grandfather of them all.

As far as we know, the first version of the game, named Color Lines, was released by the Russian company Gamos somewhere in the middle nineties. They get all the credit for this splendid creation.

The rules: The game goes in turns. Each turn starts with three balls randomly occupying three free fields on the board and the player can move ONE ball. The goal is to keep the field clean. Balls can move only in horizontal and vertical directions, not diagonals; they can also only move through unoccupied fields on the board, that is, they cannot jump over other balls.

By arranging five or more balls next to each other in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal, you get all of them to be dismissed from the board and you gain points – one point per ball. You are also allowed to make another move before the turn ends.

The game goes until the whole board gets full.
With practically endless gameplay scenarios entertainment is guaranteed!

Game settings: The game offers three different modes – standard (classic), Advanced and Extended.

In advanced mode, there are 4 additional types of mixed-colors balls. For example, the black/white ball can be used to form black and white lines. These 4 balls are also available in the “Extended” mode.

In extended mode there are 8 additional types of balls: multi-color, bomb, rocks, paint-bucket, grenade and score-multipliers (x3, x6 and x9).

The multi-color ball is a wild card ball taking any color it needs to complete a line.

The bomb ball is similar to the multi-color ball, but even more powerful: when a line is formed with it, all balls on the board with the line’s color are also destroyed (without points though).

Rocks cannot be moved, but with a grenade, you can clear out a part of the board.

The paint-bucket, when thrown, paints all neighbouring balls in one random color.

Score-multipliers – when combined in a line, they increase the points of each ball in the line to 3, 6 or 9 points. When using two, or more of these score-multipliers for a line, only the highest score-multiplier is taken into account.



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