Install Expert for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerryAbacus Wrist PDA Install Expert mobile installer

Install Expert /for mobile applications/
Package and deploy Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry mobile applications  with ease

Current release: 4.3 (See revision history)
Requirements: Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
Known issues: See record
See below
Supported devices: No limit
Required products: None
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Related titles: N/A
Delivery: Electronic (instant download)

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 Integrated shell running on Microsoft Windows™ NT/2000/XP/Vista operating systems
 Simple interface allowing installation setup in minutes
Produces one compressed, self-extracting executable file for Microsoft Windows ME and later

 Significantly smaller footprint than InstallShield, Wise and other generic desktop install kits;  does not rely on Palm AIDE, MFC or other libraries thus eliminating the need to redistribute large libraries

 Utilizes and relies on HotSync, ActiveSync and BlackBerry Desktop Manager accordingly for deploying Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry applications (each distributive can only target a single mobile platform)
new2.gif (111 bytes)  Built-in ability to target directly the mobile device's media card with arbitrary file type - available for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry

 Installation and automatic registration of desktop files including COM servers

 Components feature allows user-selectable modular installation (within the target platform)

Installations in different languages (where available)

Company customizable installation background, installation form splash logo and application icon

 Multiple accounts installation (if more than one are present on the host machine; Palm OS targets only)
 Enforces End User License Agreement (EULA) signing if requested by the developer
 Provides Quick Help access during installation (ability for the users to request more information about the product before product installation)
 Automatic program group and customizable shortcuts generation
 Command-line builds, great for build automation

 Decent documentation
 All minor product updates (bug fixes, minor enhancements) are free to registered customers; major upgrades are commercial, but no more than once per calendar year.

For more details please explore the other sections dedicated to InstallExpert (scroll to top of the page)

Using command-line builds

One of the least advertised, but most useful Install Expert features is the ability to make builds from the command line.

For the past few years, we at BEIKS have been using this feature to build the vast majority of dictionary packages for Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices. Indeed, if for every product you need to make a trial and a full build, then a branded build for various distributors, then a build for every target platform, then eventually a build for every target language...phew, it's a lot!
Did we mention the version changes?

If you have already been through the hell of releasing a second build in similar conditions you must already be looking for means to automate the process. And rightfully so!

While Install Expert does not currently include sample projects using automation, it is itself fully capable of becoming part of the automation chain - a feature, as mentioned earlier, which is heavily used and tested within BEIKS.


Java conduits

Install Expert does not currently support Java based conduits and we are not sure we want to support them in near future.

There are various pros and cons of using any tool, of course, and we do not tell you to cross Java for conduits (although that is what we have chosen to do). However, Install Expert is designed and targeted towards compact and optimized solutions, the Zen of the Palm computing platform. If you are to redistribute the whole JVM for a conduit that can be implemented in under 100 kB executable, then you probably don't care about the size of your installation anyway and might as well use the heavy artillery of installers, like Install Shield or Wise.

We would be sorry to lose a customer, but we also believe that tools should be used according to their design capabilities. As of version 4, Install Expert definitely does not provide good and meaningful ways to install Java-based applications.


Read the CDK!

Although InstallExpert is meant to save you time and efforts, it is not meant to replace the knowledge of how conduits fit in a Palm OS based solutions.

Reading and understanding the Conduit Development Kit is crucial to the success of your solution. Everything, from selecting unique database creator, to choosing the type of conduit (DLL or EXE, COM or simple API) to understanding the need and proper usage of the redistributable COM suite DLLs - all this plays the central role in implementing the best possible application that will sell well. InstallExpert should be just another tool in your arsenal, but the ability to use it is your power and responsibility.