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Install Expert /for mobile applications/
Package and deploy Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry mobile applications  with ease

Current release: 4.3 (See revision history)
Requirements: Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
Known issues: See record
See below
Supported devices: No limit
Required products: None
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Related titles: N/A
Delivery: Electronic (instant download)

Registered users



Upgrade types and rules
With some rare exceptions, BEIKS does not provide support for versions other than the most recent one.

Updates are not always reflected in the publicly available Install Expert trial version, which is another good reason to pay for the product. By doing so you are guaranteed to have access to the most recent version.

And announced update will always be to the most recent version. It may be either free or commercial one.

Free update means that every registered owner of the latest version may get its update at no extra cost.
To do that, use the MyStuff section of the website to log-in and download the latest distributive.

Commercial update is an update that is either forced on us by market changes (say a new version of a desktop host by Palm or BlackBerry) or introduces significant improvements over the current version.

As the name suggests, commercial upgrades will cost to obtain.

Owners of previous product version can upgrade to the latest version by logging-in to our site through MyStuff and choosing the upgrade link located under the original order record.

Upon new commercial release BEIKS notifies current owners and usually provides a grace period during which owners of the current top version can upgrade at a discount price.

Once that period is expired, the upgrade is reduced to cost similar to or equivalent to the current product price.

Orders made within 30 days of any new major release (e.g. 3.x to 4.x) are automatically receiving the new version at no extra cost. If you find you order qualifies for the free upgrade, but has NOT been automatically converted please let us know.

Pilot Catapult owners

Subject to the above rules, all upgrades from Pilot Catapult to Install Expert are currently considered new application purchases due to the expired upgrade period.

Using command-line builds

One of the least advertised, but most useful Install Expert features is the ability to make builds from the command line.

For the past few years, we at BEIKS have been using this feature to build the vast majority of dictionary packages for Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices. Indeed, if for every product you need to make a trial and a full build, then a branded build for various distributors, then a build for every target platform, then eventually a build for every target language...phew, it's a lot!
Did we mention the version changes?

If you have already been through the hell of releasing a second build in similar conditions you must already be looking for means to automate the process. And rightfully so!

While Install Expert does not currently include sample projects using automation, it is itself fully capable of becoming part of the automation chain - a feature, as mentioned earlier, which is heavily used and tested within BEIKS.


Java conduits

Install Expert does not currently support Java based conduits and we are not sure we want to support them in near future.

There are various pros and cons of using any tool, of course, and we do not tell you to cross Java for conduits (although that is what we have chosen to do). However, Install Expert is designed and targeted towards compact and optimized solutions, the Zen of the Palm computing platform. If you are to redistribute the whole JVM for a conduit that can be implemented in under 100 kB executable, then you probably don't care about the size of your installation anyway and might as well use the heavy artillery of installers, like Install Shield or Wise.

We would be sorry to lose a customer, but we also believe that tools should be used according to their design capabilities. As of version 4, Install Expert definitely does not provide good and meaningful ways to install Java-based applications.


Read the CDK!

Although InstallExpert is meant to save you time and efforts, it is not meant to replace the knowledge of how conduits fit in a Palm OS based solutions.

Reading and understanding the Conduit Development Kit is crucial to the success of your solution. Everything, from selecting unique database creator, to choosing the type of conduit (DLL or EXE, COM or simple API) to understanding the need and proper usage of the redistributable COM suite DLLs - all this plays the central role in implementing the best possible application that will sell well. InstallExpert should be just another tool in your arsenal, but the ability to use it is your power and responsibility.