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LexSpell spelling checker for Palm OS
Spell check Palm emails and documents - now with support for GoodLink!

Current release: 1.7 (See revision history)
Requirements: Palm OS 3.5 - 5.x
Known issues: See record
Supported devices: No limit
Required products: None
Downloads: See below
Related titles: N/A
Delivery: Electronic (instant download)

  Registered users


LexSpell is a spelling checker application for Palm OS powered handhelds.

It stays on top of LexLib, the spelling checking library used in some of the most popular office applications for Palm OS and built on proven industry techniques for spell-checking quality and speed.

Powered by carefully built language lexicons from the vast BEIKS lexical database and matched against world language standards like Webster , Oxford and Cambridge LexSpell should quickly turn to an illustration of the BEIKS motto for essential applications for mobile users.


Spell-checking services in multiple languages
100,000 to over 300,000 words in each major language database
Expandable with new words
Instant spell-checking in most e-mail clients for Palm OS as well as in other applications
Word replacement suggestions
Widely configurable for speed, depth and quality of suggestions
Uniquely optimized for convenience during the spell-checking process
Runs on all handhelds with Palm OS 3.5 or higher
Support for classic 160x160 to latest 480x320 resolution modes (Palm Tungsten T3, CLIE UX series)
High speed and excellent lexicon compression based on proven spell-checking technologies
Fully-functional evaluation version for each language lexicon
Built-in help and detailed user manual

LexSpell spelling checker for Palm in action

LexSpell's individual licenses are made per language database.

The downloadable evaluation versions provide full functionality within certain time frame or spelling sessions so you can try the product before placing an order.

Enterprise, education and government site licenses are available at competitive discount rates.

Spell checker for GoodLink !

Finally, a spelling checker working with the GoodLink email for Palm, right out of the box!

BEIKS is proud and happy to meet the demand of its numerous customers for a spell checker for GoodLink - with LexSpell version 1.7.

Test drive first

As much as we would like to, we can not promise LexSpell will proof just any text in your handheld. Why?

Some applications are less friendly sharing their information with others.

It is especially true for word processors and other more powerful text input or output applications, which add features not originally available in the OS.

LexSpell (or for that matter any other application) may not be able to take text out of these, or put it back after spell-checking.

Most email programs, however, use the standard OS data input and output controls and as such will work just great with LexSpell's resident instant spell-checking feature.


Optimized for Treo phones

LexSpell makes it easy to operate with one hand - from starting to completing a proofing session!

LexSpell uses special hot key combinations in order to initiate spell checking from within another application, such as VersaMail or GoodLink email.

Several different hot key options are available, so the users can pick the easiest for them to use. More combinations can be easily added to the application upon request
Do not hesitate to call us!

Note that some other BEIKS applications (such as BDicty Dictionary) may also be using resident hotkey invocation; the control hotkey combination assigned to each application must be unique across all BEIKS applications (and actually across all applications).
Also, the hotkey invocation mode is only guaranteed to work within versions 3.x - 5.x of Palm OS.

Open to developers

LexSpell is based on the LexLib spelling checker library. While LexLib is specifically targeted towards developers, LexSpell is actually meant for end users.

Still, LexSpell offers an extremely simple and straight-forward programming interface allowing developers to invoke it from within their programs to perform spell-checking for the user.

The difference between LexLib and LexSpell is that with the first the developer will have to take care of a lot of low-level details, which gives him more power, but also requires more work.

With LexSpell, developers can simply bypass the resident invocation mechanism of LexSpell and start spell checking over the contents of the currently active text field.
If interested, see the Developers section for details; it's as easy as copying and pasting the sample code!

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