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Revision history for "BEIKS Dictionary Reader Extras for Palm OS"
Version 6.01 (11 Sep 2009, free update)
  • New: Russian-Esperanto-Russian dictionary added to the package.
Version 6.0 (14 Feb 2008, free update)
  • Significant changes in program structures breaks compatibility with older dictionary lexicons and requires them to be updated with latest versions
  • Resident lookup is now available with rich text output and links as well as for phrase book lexicons
  • Support for audio pronunciations in dictionary lexicons and immediate availability of the TrueVoice dictionary series for English, Spanish, French and German
  • BEIKS Dictionary Reader now requires OS 5
  • Fully functional trials now available
  • Immediate over-the-air availability of all available dictionaries at http://mobile.beiks.com
Version 5.9 (01 Feb 2006, free update, build 2889)
  • Support for Treo 650 navigation in phrase book screen
  • Evaluation with instant over-the-air registration and download of talking phrase books (same for dictionaries in next release; only on models with data connectivity like the Treo smartphones family)
  • Fix: Fixes a "Fatal error" message when opening a resident lookup with a phrase book
Version 5.7 (16 Sep 2005, free update, build 2814)
  • Page Up/Page Down buttons added for better navigation in the list of available words.
  • Support for bold font in articles
  • Support for left-to-right text in articles (useful for Hebrew, Arabic dictionaries)
  • Active lexicon information display (version, copyright carrier, etc.) via new command in the Lexicon menu
  • Fix: Improved reliability in handling long dictionary file names
Version 5.5 (06 Sep 2004, free update, build 2437)
  • New: Support for International Phonetic Alphabet based pronunciations added; currently available for English languages only
  • New: Support for color tagging of output; requires downloading of updated lexicon file versions; not yet available in resident lookup mode
  • New: Lexicon info screen provides information of the lexicon file properties

  • Fix: New dictionary sort rules provide better experience for certain languages (Spanish, French); requires updating (re-downloading) the dictionary lexicons with newer versions (2.0 or higher)
  • Fix: Preserves the selected word when switching form resident to full screen mode
  • Fix: Most recently words list is now fully functional (no more limits to jumps outside of the current dictionary lexicon)

Version 5.4 (12 Feb 2004, free update, build 2245)

  • New: Full text search within dictionary articles (for dictionaries) and phrases (for phrasebook lexicons); STRONGLY advised to use only on fast ARM-based devices
    In this build, the search is case sensitive and only available in standard views (not available in resident view); search progress is not displayed (this speeds up the search).
    Note the dual function of the find button: a quick single tap versus holding it down for a short while before releasing it. See documentation for details.
  • Fix: On Treo 600, when operating talking phrasebooks one can now push the rocker to play the phrase (this feature has been working fine on other devices)

Version 5.3 (07 Jan 2004, free update, build 2197)

  • New: Support for portrait and landscape modes (Palm Tungsten T3, Sony Clie NR/NX/UX series)
  • New: Treo 600 resident invocation via hotkeys introduced (will also work on other OS 5 devices without command bar)
  • Fix: Significant stability improvement for ARM devices (the infamous "fatal error" when switching lexicons now gone)
  • Fix: 5-way navigator's action button (Palm Tungsten devices) can now be used to switch between word/article fields

Version 5.2 (26 June 2003, free update)

  • New: Native ARM code for dictionary decompression on Palm OS 5.x devices
  • Fix: Finally, a small icon was added
  • Fix: Fixed bug preventing scrolling up on some rare occasions
  • Fix: Fixed a problem causing the resident lookup function to trucate words starting or ending with accented characters
  • Fix: Fixed a problem requiring exact word spelling ("Moses" vs "moses"); special thanks to Demetrio Voulgaris
  • Fix: Text selection background changed to light gray on monochrome devices.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem preventing displaying multiple empty lines (hard line feeds)
  • Fix: Misc other UI improvements (HR icon transparency etc.)

Version 5.05 (07 February 2003, free update)

  • Fix: Requirement for Palm OS 3.5 is now correctly enforced thus preventing crashes when BDicty is run on older devices.
  • Fix: Dynamic screen resize issue fixed on Sony Clie devices with 320x480 resolution; stretch to normal screen, then tap the global Find, then stretch to full screen; if the display is confusing you need this update!
  • Fix: Copy and Copy Translation menu commands work as supposed in Phrasebook view
  • Change: Typing delay before word lookup starts is decreased by 40% to 600 ms

Version 5.0 (02 January 2003, free update)

  • New: BDicty 5.0 requires Palm OS 3.5 or higher; sorry about that, we have prolonged the support for older devices as much as we could.
  • New: The article field has now been implemented as graphical control; this will allow the program to introduce rich text output (colors, styles, pronounciations) in future releases; note the custom text field is for now only available in the standard view, the resident mode still uses classic text field from Palm OS;
  • New: Four different fonts are now available for selection instead of three;
  • New: Support for high-resolution fonts on Sony Clie - there is a new checkbox in the general preferences to indicate if you want to use these or the standard fonts;
  • New: New icons for high-resolution devices and sime minor changes (see below)
  • New: Support for 320x320 and 320x480 on Sony Clie!
  • New: On Palm Tungsten, the selector button can now be used to play selected phrase from a talking phrasebook
  • Change: The article field's font in the resident view is now fixed to the standard Palm OS font
  • Change: The button for adding/editing article is now a pen instead of the classic "record" symbol
  • Fix: The resident lookup through the command bar had been malfunctioning and sometimes blocking the device requiring soft reset; this has now been fixed.
  • Fix: Resident lookup icon disappearing problem resolved upon installing the lexical files
Version 4.95 (1 November 2002, free update)
This is the last BDicty version to work below Palm OS 3.5!
  • New: Support for talking phrasebooks; note that Sony Clie devices running OS 4.x and all devices running OS 5.0 (including the new Clies) require different sound databases in order to operate
  • Fix: Occasional fatal error when doing resident lookup from a form that does not have text fields (thanks to our customer Gert Caspersen for his persistancy!)
  • Fix: Jog dial support updated for Palm OS 5.0 devices;

Version 4.92 (19 August 2002, free update)

  • Fix: Article size limit inreased according to the new needs of medical and megal dictionaries
  • Fix: Fatal error "MQWin.c, Line:634, unlock out of sync? addresses reset too soon" now fixed; used to appear upon resident invokation in certain high resolution applications, mostly on Sony Clie

Version 4.9 (16 July 2002, free update)
Special thanks to Stephen Byers, Scott Almas, John King, Joe Tanzola, Dan Crews, Charles Fishburn and all others who provided valuable feedback!

  • New: Resizable view panes introduced; feature requires Palm OS version 3.1 or higher in order to operate, on 3.0 the panes will be still fixed.
  • Fix: Display flickering problem upon application startup fixed
  • Fix: The famous "Fatal Error" when invoking Categoris from within the Application Launcher throgh the command bar is now fixed
  • Fix: Smart View mode bug fixed - used to NOT switch the view mode after a word was found and then changed to unknown entry
  • Fix: Upon resident invokation BDicty automatically takes the underlying field selection if possible
  • Fix: Leading and trailing punctuational characters now automatically removed during resident invokation (except when coming from the clipboard)

Version 4.81 (24 May 2002, free update)

  • New: Alternate resident lookup invokation methods - hotkeys or command bar; support for Handspring Treo resident invokation
  • New: Cross-lookup button for faster reverse or related lookups; see manual for more details
  • Updated: Updated user manual
  • Fixed: A bug when the program was launched from a media card.
  • Fixed: Resident mode will now ONLY be operational when the program resides in RAM

Version 4.7 (05 April 2002, free update)
This is an intermediate release reflecting many of the internal program improvements; many new features are still hidden for the sake of backward compatibility or program stability. More updates with some long-awaited and some surprising features are to be expected soon.

  • New: Compliance with the requirements for the upcoming PalmOS 5.0
  • New: Resident lookup method significantly improved and standartized for devices running Palm OS 3.5 or higher
  • New: Dictionary browsing
  • New: Support for jog dial
  • New: Resident lookup screen navigation buttons (copy, paste, etc.)
  • New: Indication and switcher button for custom/stock articles
  • New: Program hints
  • New: New/edit article screen
  • New: Multiple preference screens organized by topics
  • New: Customizable media sources, including dedicated dictionaries directory on external card (great startup speed improvement!)
  • New: Customizable startup options to reduce startup time for advance users
  • New: Word of the day
  • New: Multiple internal changes/updates resulting in more stable program behavior
  • New: Completely new user manual
  • Fixed: Limited/incorrect list of dynamic words while typic; fixed due to the new browsing feature, which does not limit the amount of displayed entries
  • Improved: Temporary program freezing while entering word; the issue is completely addressed in next release, but has been improved in this one too.

Version 4.6 (01 June 2001, free update)

  • Support and full compliance with PalmOS 4.0, including media cards (MC and SD); all lexicons can now be installed and reside on SD or MC card!
  • Misc. internal updates: does not require soft reset upon installation any more, lexicons list is collected faster and more secure, does not delete unlicensed lexicons automatically.

Version 4.5 (01 Oct 2000, free update)

  • Lookup feature from within other PalmOS programs introduced
  • Support for PalmType enhanced (now PalmType gets automatically activated when BDicty is active)
  • Most recently used words list introduced
  • Most recently used words list introduced

Version 4.0 (20 March 2000, free update)

  • Support for topic dictionaries (phrase books, travel dictionaries etc.)
  • Horizontal / Vertical display modes.
  • Smart View mode
  • Automatic user dictionaries backup during HotSync®.
  • Availability online anytime (downloadable from the net)

Version 3.5 (25 July 1999, free update)

  • Enhanced support for foreign languages.
  • Improved interface - users can now choose between two modes of the display - wider description field or wider list of words
  • Persistency - BDicty now remembers its mode when left and restores it the next time being run.

Version 3.0 (26 June 1999, free update)

  • Version for OEM distribution in Russia.
  • Support for ROM-based lexicons

Version 2.0 (1 April 1999, free update)

  • Support for multiple lexicons
  • Search speed optimized

Version 1.0 (8 March 1999, Initial release)


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