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BeSafe Personal Edition for PalmOS/Windows
Protects your data even when your PDA gets lost or stolen! Now with  WebLogin!
Category: Essentials
License Type: Commercial
Platform:      PalmOS   |    Windows   |    Combo
Version:         2.01      |       2.0         |      <--
Date:   06/06/2002  |  02/19/2002   |      <--

        ZIP       |        EXE       |      <--

Price:       $10.00    |      $10.00     |     $14.00
Registered users

BeSafe is a simple yet very useful program for quick references to sensitive information like PIN numbers, accounts, passwords, alarm codes etc. People normally use MemoPad for keeping that data, but the truth is that MemoPad offers very little protection. Quite at the other end, BeSafe guarantees nobody will learn your secrets even if you lose your device!

How does it work?
Unlike MemoPad and other data-entry applications, BeSafe keeps its data encoded with a secret code (password). The decoding password is only in your head and therefore could not be hacked even by having physical possession of the device itself. And by using one of the strongest encryption algorithms in the word - the RIJNADEL encryption algorithm - you know that with BeSafe your sensitive information is in safe hands.


  • new2.gif (111 bytes)Desktop users running Internet Explorer 4.0 or later can now enjoy automatic Web Login to any website requiring user name and password! This is an incredible help for active Web surfers, requested by themselves and implemented by BEIKS!

  • Allows you to remember only one password and easily lookup any other

  • No option to "hack" the program - the only unlocking key is in your head; every other entered key would simply display garbage

  • Uses the extremely strong Advanced Encryption Standard (read facts)

  • Easy to operate, interface similar to MemoPad

  • Data could organized in different categories

  • Configurable automatic program shutdown for improving security

  • Under development: centralized data propagation server (for enterprises)

A few useful notes regarding data protection:

It is a known fact that the weakest part of any security system is usually the human factor. Here are a few advices you may find valuable:

  • Never choose a password that can be easily related to you, such as a birth date or a name of relative;

  • Never write down your password on a yellow note or in a text file on your desktop ;-)

  • The longer your password is, the higher protection you will get. Choose wisely between convenience and protection; we recommend at least 4 characters;

  • Every protection is a knife with two edges; make sure you really remember your password, because if you lose it, you will lose your data too

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do I need that program at all?

    Well, we can't answer that for you. We developed it because we needed it ourselves. And we use it - virtually everybody at BEIKS. Let's see what the webmaster found in his copy after about 3 weeks of use:
    - 2 personal debit cards with their PIN codes
    - 2 personal credit cards with their PIN codes
    - BEIKS server remote administration password
    - AuthorizeNet online administration password
    - Email server remote administration password
    - 8 different pairs account/password for publishing on the biggest online shareware sites
    - Our company EIN used for reference
    - FrontPage publishing account/password for 4 different FrontPage websites
    - Net2Phone personal account details
    - eTrade account details
    - Palm Solution Provider account details
    - Palm Resource Pavilion account details
    - ICQ UIN number (OK, that's not so secret, but it really was there, so it counts)
    - A Social Security Number
    - SWB DSL account details
    - Adult website account details (alas, already invalid)

    That should be enough. If you have about that much of information that you can't memorize and wouldn't like to see exposed to unknowns, friends or relatives, then BeSafe is just the tool you need.


  • How exactly is it different than MemoPad?

Well, it is very different in two ways:

- First, it is not a general-purpose memo pad, but mainly oriented for easy reference to sensitive data. MemoPad is more general-purpose program.

- Second, every record in BeSafe is stored encrypted, so that even if somebody gets hold of it (hacker, virus or even even your spouse) they could not make any sense of it unless they know the right password. It is not expected that in the next 4-5 years anybody would be able to decode your data without knowing the right password.

The general idea is quite simple: by the time you enter your private data, it gets encrypted with a password that you have previously specified. When you need the information later, you have to enter that password and the stored information will be decoded by using it.

If you provide the right password, then the result will be meaningful text and you'll get your quick reference.

Alternatively, if the provided password is incorrect, the program won't complain, but you will see garbage! That is the whole point - the password itself is not stored in the device and therefore could not be compromised!

Yes, if you want that information protected in the best possible way. If you don't care about protecting it THAT MUCH, then you probably don't need BeSafe, but MemoPad. Think it over!

These are just another few different buttons you may use in your password. There is nothing special about them. But they look nice, don't they?


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