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  Pilot Lines game standard mode game screen
The Pilot Lines game for Palm OS is the classic Color Lines game on steroids  

About the game: This is a truly remarkable game, similar to Atomica, Double Trouble and Bejeweled. In fact, it is quite possible that Lines is the true grandfather of them all.

As far as we know, the first version of the game,
Color Lines, was released by the Russian company Gamos somewhere in the middle nineties. They get all the credit for this splendid creation. There are some extras in this PalmOS version from BEIKS, though...we, Piloteers always fly higher...and we take the pride for making the first PalmOS release and setting the tone for various other clones.
  If you like this kind of games, you just can't go wrong with Pilot Lines. Sound effects, animations and - most of all - the terrific game play itself make it a must of every business or pleasure flight.

 The rules:    Game goes in turns. Each turn starts with three balls randomly occupying three free fields on the board and the the player can move ONE ball. Balls can move only in horizontal and vertical directions, not diagonals; they can also only move through unoccupied fields on the board, that is, they can not jump over other balls.

By arranging five or more balls next to each other in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal, you get all of them to be dismissed from the board and you gain points. You are also allowed to make another move before the turn ends.

  The game goes until the whole board gets full.

Game requirements
  Palm OS 3.5 or later
Color display with 8bpp
Display resolution, pixels:
   160x160, 320x320, 320x480 or 480x320
500 kB free RAM

Lots of free time
Some luck
Windows only
Windows / Mac
Did you like Pilot Lines ?
Get the unlocking key now!

$9.99 only

  How can I install it?
Do owners of older game versions get the  new Pilot Lines for free?
Why is it 500 kB?
I downloaded the game already, where is the unlocking key?
Why register?
I enter the unlocking code, but the game does nothing.
How can I install it?
There are two download at the right side of the page above: one says Download Win Setup and the other says Download ZIP.
If your desktop is running Microsoft Windows, then the easiest way to install Pilot Lines is to use the first button to download the self-installing file; click on the button, save it somewhere on your desktop and when done, open it (or double-click on it).
Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

The second button allows downloading a ZIP file, which is a compressed file containing the program files and some documentation.
ZIP files can be used on almost any software platform, including Windows, Mac OS and even directly on Palm OS smart phones like the Treo. However, since ZIP is a compressed document, you may need a program to decompress it first. There are free ZIP extractors available for any software platform today.
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Do owners of the older game versions get the new Pilot Lines for free?
Sorry, it was impossible (read: highly unprofitable) to do that.
Pilot Lines 3 was totally rebuilt from the ground up, 100% new code, new resources, new time spent on development and QA.
BEIKS has a long history of providing free product upgrades, but there are exceptions to every rule and tradition and this was one of them.

Still, previous Pilot Lines owners can upgrade to the new version at discounted rate. To do that, log-in to the MYSTUFF zone with your original order details and follow up the upgrade link for Pilot Lines.
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Why is it 500 kB?
It is packed with features and sounds and it makes most of a wide range of devices (see above). We believe that today's hardware capabilities totally justify 500 kB for a quality game. totop.gif (181 bytes) TO TOP

I downloaded the game already, where is the unlocking key?
Game development is expensive (and marketing is even more expensive, by the way) so...you have to purchase it.
The unlocking key, that is.
The game itself allows free play in one of its possible modes, but we guarantee you it is not the best one. 
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Why register?
"Register" is same as "purchase the unlocking key"...so why pay? Well let's see...
To make us rich? No.
To support shareware...mmm...no.
To get more of the game you like? Yes!
To reward the efforts of those who had made the game amuse you? Yes!
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I Enter the unlocking code, but the game does nothing
If you enter the unlocking code and the game did not respond to taping the "Register" button, then either the code you have entered is incorrect or the Owner ID on which it was based was incorrectly supplied to us.
The unlocking code is tightly related to the Owner ID, which is your identification on the device (not the device factory number). To learn more about the Owner ID and how to find it, please refer to the "How to find Owner ID for..." link in the MyStuff section of the site.
If necessary contact us via email to resolve the problem.

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