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Talking Travel phrase books for Palm

English * Deutsche * Espa˝ol * Francais * Italiano

The BEIKS talking phrase books are aimed at for international travelers.

Each phrase book offers a collection of phrases you are likely to use during your travel in another country, from simple introductions to asking for directions to casual conversations.

For easier navigation phrases are organized in 14 categories.
Where possible or necessary, the destination language translation is displayed with phonetic pronunciation.

Most importantly, actual voice pronunciation is provided and unlike most competitive products which use synthesized pronunciation, the BEIKS talking phrase books feature recorded voices of native language speakers.
Following the sound and intonation of a native speaker you really get a chance of being understood.

Without pretending to teach you a new language, these phrase books will hopefully prove a helpful tool in your communication arsenal abroad.

BEIKS recommends that you also consider using a classic language dictionary when you travel.

Deutsch (German)

palm dictionary phrase book Deutsche

  Deutsch-Englisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer

  Deutsch-Franz÷sisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer

  Deutsch-Spanisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer

  Deutsch-Italienisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer

  Deutsch Sprechender SprachfŘhrer E+F+S+I  50% off!


  Deutsch-Arabisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer
  Deutsch-Chinesisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer
  Deutsch-Griechisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer
  Deutsch-Hebrńisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer
  Deutsch-Japanisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer
  Deutsch-Portugiesisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer
  Deutsch-Russisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer
  Deutsch-Ungarisch sprechender SprachfŘhrer


English Dictionary phrase books

Palm dictionary phrase book English

Talking English-French dictionary phrase book

Talking English-Spanish dictionary phrase book

Talking English-German dictionary phrase book

Talking English-Italian dictionary phrase book

  English Talking phrase books 4-in-1 FSGI Bundle 50% off!

  Talking English-Arabic dictionary phrase book
Talking English-Chinese dictionary phrase book
Talking English-Greek dictionary phrase book
Talking English-Hebrew dictionary phrase book
Talking English-Hungarian dictionary phrase book
Talking English-Japanese dictionary phrase book
Talking English-Portuguese dictionary phrase book
Talking English-Russian dictionary phrase book


Espa˝ol diccionario

Palm dictionary phrase book Espa˝ol

Espa˝ol-InglÚs Libro de Frases parlante

Espa˝ol-FrancÚs Libro de Frases parlante

Espa˝ol-Alemßn Libro de Frases parlante

Espa˝ol-Italiano Libro de Frases parlante

    Espa˝ol Libro de Frases Parlante IFAI Colecciˇn


Espa˝ol-┴rabe Libro de Frases parlante
Espa˝ol-Chino Libro de Frases parlante
Espa˝ol-Griego Libro de Frases parlante
Espa˝ol-JaponÚs Libro de Frases parlante
Espa˝ol-Hebero Libro de Frases parlante
Espa˝ol-H˙ngaro Libro de Frases parlante
Espa˝ol-PortuguÚs Libro de Frases parlante
Espa˝ol-Ruso Libro de Frases parlante


Franšais Dictionnaire

Palm dictionary phrase book Franšais

Franšais-Anglais Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Espagnol Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Allemand Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Italien Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais dictionnaires des phrases parlant AEAI collection


Franšais-Arabe Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Chinois Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Grec Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-HÚbreu Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Hongrois Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Portugais Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Japonais Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant

Franšais-Russe Dictionnaire Des Phrases Parlant


Italiano-Inglese Frasario Parlante

Italiano-Francese Frasario Parlante

Italiano-Spagnolo Frasario Parlante

Italiano-Tedesco Frasario Parlante

Italiano Frasario Parlante Pacco IFST


Italiano-Arabo Frasario Parlante

Italiano-Cinese Frasario Parlante

Italiano-Ebraico Frasario Parlante

Italiano-Giapponese Frasario Parlante
Italiano-Greco Frasario Parlante

Italiano-Portoghese Frasario Parlante
Italiano-Russo Frasario Parlante

Italiano-Ungherese Frasario Parlante


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new2.gif (130 bytes) Word games

Word games help learning the language while having fun. They are a great way of developing and improving language skills.

 Wordful for Palm OS

Literati for Palm OS


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