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Revision history for "BeSafe for PalmOS"
Version 2.01 (06/06/2002, Free upgrade!)
  • Fixed: Bug in the "Find Results" screen, used to cause fatal error
  • Fixed: UI bug in the "About" screen, used to display animation if closed quickly

Version 2.0 (02/19/2002, Free upgrade!)

  • New: Support for the new WebLogin feature of BeSafe PE for Windows 2.0
  • New: Classification of data records: Memos and WebLogin (read only, data provided during manual website login configuration)
  • New: PalmOS 5.0 compatibility checked: while impossible to guarantee PalmOS 5.0 compatbility before any device running 5.0 is announced, the program was brought to compliance with the latest compatibility requirements and is expected to work flawlessly on the new devices running 5.0
  • Fix: The category of the record being viewed/edited cannot be deleted.
  • Fix: Changes to a record are automatically saved when record is closed.

Version 1.22 (01/28/2002, free upgrade)
  • New: Coloring records and categories lists added (available on color devices);
  • Fix: Bug in Preferences screen fixed (thanks to Mr. Jean-Claude COHEN, jc167@free.fr);
  • Fix: Bug in ordering records fixed.

Version 1.21 (12/29/2001, free upgrade)
  • New: "All" category selection added to the main screen;
  • Fix: Selected record in Find Results screen is opened for viewing/editing instead of only selecting it in the main screen;
  • Fix: Find dialog shows message "No results found." instead of switching to empty search results screen;
  • Fix: Bugs in Edit Categories screen fixed (thanks to Alan Jay Weiner, alan@ajw.com);
  • Fix: Bug in main screen fixed - the menu Record | Find was not responding.
Version 1.2 (10/23/2001, free upgrade)
  • Find function added for searching records;
  • Ability to change the category of existing record added;
  • User interface changes in main screen - tap opens record, "Delete" button moved to the record editing screen;
  • Option to clear the clipboard contents upon program exit;
  • Reload Category and Reload Record commands added;
  • Delete Record dialog saves/uses the "Save Archive Copy" checkbox state;
  • Hard buttons scroll support added to the Records (the main screen), View/Edit Record and Edit Categories dialog;
  • Bug causing garbage characters to appear in content field after entering with "wrong" password fixed;
  • Error causing beep on every keystroke fixed.

Version 1.1 (9/1/2001, free upgrade)

  • Desktop conduit synchronization (Windows hosts only, available as a separate add-on, but free for current BeSafe users at the moment of release);
  • A new option to preserve a desktop copy of a record being deleted was introduced;
  • When deleting a category in which there is at least one data record, an archive copy will be left out on the desktop;
  • BeSafe will now not allow you to delete a category when logged-in with incorrect password;
  • Shift indicators were added on both category and record editing screens
  • Sorting speed was improved;
  • "Open" button bug fixed when no record is selected (future versions should eliminate this button completely);
  • Record auto-off configuration bug fix: “1 minute” record auto-off setting enabled (in 1.0, after selecting it and returning to the Preferences screen, the previous value was still the active one);
  • "Name" fields in the category and record editing dialogs was changed to "Title".

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