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Revision history for "Woman Calendar for Palm OS"

Version 6.0 (May 2, 2005)

  • New: Data "time frame" window allows application to always show past 4 and next 1 year from the current date; this mean you can only see data within the past 4 years, but you will always be able to keep on using the program; previous versions had a fixed time data buffer.
    Also, while only the past 4 years will be displayed for selection, but older data will still be preserved in the database.
  • New: High-resolution graphics for Palm OS 5 and Sony Clie devices; note Woman's resolution is still fixed to 160x160 or 320x320 (no 320/480 or 480x320)
  • New: Support for 5-way navigator found in Treo, Tungsten, Zire and other handhelds
  • Change: Extended predicted custom cycle length to 23 - 50 days.
  • Change: New registration method introduced, requiring pre-registration of all existing customers
  • Fix: Un-initialized variable bug fixed; used to cause the program to start with random settings after first run (incorrect startup date, could not remember the last used screen etc.)
  • Fix: Improved contrast and readability for monochrome devices
Version 5.1 (28 October 2002, free update)

  • High-resolution graphics for Sony Clie devices with hires
  • Support for Palm OS 5.0
  • Luter phase length can now be specified by used; it used to be fixed to 14 days, which is the current default value
  • Fix: Uninitialized variable bug fixed; used to cause the program to start with random settings after first run (incorrect startup date, could not remember the last used screen etc.)
  • Fix: Improved contrast and readibility for monochrome devices
Version 5.0 (04 September 2002, free update)

  • This release is actually rebuilt from the ground up by a new development team; the new Woman uses separate databases, but allows import and cleanup of the databases of the old version
  • Requires Palm OS 3.5 or newer; apologies to everyone who is stuck with older Palm OS version, we just had to make that move. Users who purchase Woman 5.0 will still have access to the last release supporting Palm OS 3.0.
  • A new calendar view, which is supposed to be the main operational screen of the application
  • Ability to browse estimated periods in both Calendar and Cycle bar views
  • Different cervical fluid indications, including bleeding and mucus status
  • Indications for intercourse, appointments, temperature readings and a user-assigned indicator (as required by current users)
  • Configurable colors
  • Data import from other applications (this is experimental and may not be preserved in future releases)
  • New User Manual
  • Ability to synchronize with a Windows version of the application (available as a separate title or in bundle)
  • Support for dial jog/rocker (on devices that have it)
  • Change: Pills (aka alarms) are not supported in this version; if you miss them badly, please let us know!

  • Change: The Cycle Bar is slightly changed; if you do not like the new look, please let us know why!

  • Change: The graphics are slightly changed, if you do not like the new ones, please let us know why!

  • Change: The graphics are now using 4 grayscales on Black and White devices; you may need to adjust the colors and contrast on your device to achieve best results

  • Fix: The estimation for the ovulation day and related fertile period are improved


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