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Revision history for "Literati for Palm OS"
Version 1.8 (08/06/06, free upgrade)
  • Ability to select from a multiple installed word lists via new button in the options screen;
  • Improved rack-to-field letter placement: once assembled in the rack, the word can now be placed as a series of taps on the field (in earlier version player had to go and select each letter individually);
  • Ability to install a skin file on a media card; Note that it has to be in "/PALM/Launcher/" and its file name must not be changed!
  • Registration system has changed. All currently registered users can obtain the new registration key at discounted price via an upgrade link at www.beiks.com/mystuff/ once they log-in.
  • New 100,000 word list with Scrabble recognized words added - thanks to Mr. Eric Ziegeweid!
Version 1.71 (04/03/03, free upgrade)
  • 320x480 support added. There are 2 new 320x480 skins available (standard and contrast).
  • New tiles at the bottom of the playground can be rearranged by dragging them left and right. This helps forming new words without moving tiles to and from playground.
  • Timed game mode added. The game can be played in more challenging mode, when a new word should be formed in up to 2 (two) minutes or the game is over.
  • Options screen added - game setting separated in additional screen.
  • When single letter is found, the tile is marked on the board for ease of finding.
  • Fix: minor fixes in the game play (related to unnecessary showing of the "single letter found" message).
  • Note: you may need to re-enter your registration code!
Version 1.6 (01/25/03)
  • LexLib spell-checking library upgraded to version 2.0 providing much faster lookups while requiring less memory! Note both the LexLib.prc and the word database file need to be re-installed over previous versions.
Version 1.5 (12/02/02)
  • Fixes in drawing for Palm OS 5.0
Version 1.4 (10/21/02)
  • High Resolution skin with larger and more contrast elements added
  • Skin files can now be installed on media cards; they must be in the /Palm/Launcher/ folder (this is the default installation folder for Palm Desktop)
  • Fix: More balanced game play (chances for wildcards increase towards the end of the game)
  • Fix: Wrong "single letter found" message removed
  • Fix: Drawing improvements on BW devices
  • Fix: Drawing improvements on m130 devices
  • Fix: Drawing improvements on SONY CLIE devices
Version 1.2 (09/17/02)
  • First public release
  • Skins for 320x320 color Sony Clie devices, standard 160x160 black-and white Palm OS devices and standard 160x160 Palm OS devices; only one skin must and can be installed at a time and only in RAM
  • American English lexicon with 100,000 words; can only be installed in RAM

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