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BEIKS Dictionary Reader Extras for Palm OS
The Palm dictionary choice of hundreds of thousands Palm users

Registered users

Current version: 6.01 (See revision history)
Requirements: Palm OS 5 and higher
Supported devices: Palm Tungsten, Palm Treo, Palm Centro and all other Palm OS 5 powered devices
Required products: None
Recommended for all users with Palm Desktop running on Microsoft Windows A compressed ZIP file containing all neccessary files; recommended for advanced users

The BEIKS Dictionary Reader (aka "BDicty", pronounced "bee*dik*ti" ) is a reference viewer for mobile platforms and the second dictionary application ever made for Palm OS.

Palm Dictionary

palm translator Optimized for reference content (dictionaries) resulting in simplified functionality and enhanced user experience

palm translator Free dictionary downloads for all trials

palm translator Available on other mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry) so you can keep on using it even when you change your device *

palm translator Instant lookup from within any other application

palm translator Edit stock definitions or add your own new ones

palm translator Used by hundreds of language, medical, Christian, law and other types of dictionaries, including TrueVoice talking dictionaries and talking travel phrase books with native speaker pronunciations.

palm translator On the market since 1999, used by millions of mobile users

palm translator Free upgrades since 1999 for all Palm OS versions

palm translator Many free dictionaries contributed by ours users from around the world

Powering a large set of language, professional, Christian, scientific and even entertainment dictionary databases, the BEIKS Dictionary Reader will quickly become one of the most valuable and used applications in your handheld.

Pay attention that BEIKS Dictionary Reader itself is only a software application and not a dictionary; much like with the e-books, one needs a program and a document (in our case a dictionary) in order to do something useful.

There is a wide selection of lexicons available for the BEIKS Dictionary Reader - both free and commercial - at http://www.beiks.com and all around the Net.

We do not beat drums announcing we are the best on the market as others do, although this may very well be the case. But it is your judgment to make.

We dare to claim, however, that we are working hard to provide you - our customers - with what you request: a robust and useful Palm dictionary solution at a fair price.

This application is driven by you, our customers, and so are we.

The BEIKS Dictionary Reader is a proud owners of numerous awards, including the prestigious Best Customer Reviews award for 2000 by Handango.

Bonus titles included to the BEIKS dictionary reader extras package are:

    palm dictionary English acronyms dictionary - provides descriptions in English of more than 12,000 English abbreviations and acronyms

    palm dictionary English etymology dictionary - over 16,000 English words with explanations of what they meant and how they sounded 500 or 2,000 years ago. Provides the earliest recorded date of appearance for each word.

    palm dictionary Esperanto-Russian-Esperanto dictionary - contains 16,720 headwords in Esperanto-Russian dictionary and 15,580 in Russian-Esperanto direction

    palm dictionary English to French travel phrase book - French translations to 296 essential English phrases for travelers organized in 16 categories

    palm dictionary English to Spanish travel phrase book - Spanish translations to 296 essential English phrases for travelers organized in 16 categories

    palm dictionary English to German travel phrase book - German translations to 296 essential English phrases for travelers organized in 16 categories

    palm dictionary English to Italian travel phrase book - Italian translations to 296 essential English phrases for travelers organized in 16 categories

    palm dictionary English to Russian (cyrillic) travel phrase book - Cyrillic Russian translations to 296 essential English phrases for travelers organized in 16 categories - Cyrillic localization kit is required (e.g. InterType)

    palm dictionary English to Russian (romanized) travel phrase book - Romanized Russian translations to 296 essential Russian phrases for travelers organized in 16 categories - the Russian phrases are represented with Latin letters, so no localization is needed!
Note: the travel phrase books included to this package are different from the talking phrase books! They can be downloaded and registered separately from the product's web page.


BEIKS Dictionary Reader 6.0 for Palm OS is tested, proven compatible and supported on the following Palm powered handhelds / phones:

Palm Centro, Palm Treo 755p, Palm Treo 700p, Palm Treo 680, Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 600, Palm Z22, Palm Zire 72, Palm Zire 71, Palm Zire 31, Palm Zire 21, Palm LifeDrive, Palm Tungsten T|X, Palm Tungsten T5, Palm Tungsten T3, Palm Tungsten T2, Palm Tungsten T, Palm Tungsten E2, Palm Tungsten E, Palm Tungsten C

Support for other devices, including devices running Palm OS 3.x and 4.x is only available thorough older application versions.

* Cross-grade charges may apply; cost for cross-grading to a different mobile platform may vary, but will always be less than having to purchase the complete application again


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