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PilotLines (old)
Color Lines clone game. In COLOR

Registered users

Current version: 2.31 (See revision history)
Requirements: See description
Supported devices: Palm Tungsten, Palm Treo, Palm Centro and all other Palm OS 5 powered devices
Required products: None
A compressed ZIP file containing all neccessary files; recommended for advanced users
Mania meter:
About the game: This is a truly remarkable game, similar to Atomica, Double Trouble and Bejeweled. In fact, it is quite possible that Lines is the true grandfather of them all.

As far as we know, the first version of the game, named Color Lines, was released by the Russian company Gamos somewhere in the middle nineties. They get all the credit for this splendid creation. There are some extras in this PalmOS version from Beiks, though...we, Piloteers always fly higher...and we take the pride for making the first PalmOS release and setting the tone for various other clones.

If you like this kind of games, you just can't go wrong with Pilot Lines. Sound effects, animations and - most of all - the terrific game play itself make it a must of every business or pleasure flight.

The rules: Game goes in turns. Each turn starts with three balls randomly occupying three free fields on the board and the the player can move ONE ball. Balls can move only in horizontal and vertical directions, not diagonals; they can also only move through unoccupied fields on the board, that is, they can not jump over other balls.

By arranging five or more balls next to each other in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal, you get all of them to be dismissed from the board and you gain points. You are also allowed to make another move before the turn ends.

The game goes until the whole board gets full.

More rules?

Game field is a square divided into 9x9 cells on which balls of different colors appear every once in a while. Your goal is to reach the maximum score.

In Classic mode Points are given every time you manage to remove some balls from the field. Only horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines consisting of 5 and more balls of the same pattern can be removed from the game field. You can create such lines by moving the balls around the field. A ball can move along vertical and horizontal (but not diagonal!) lines if no other balls stay between its initial and destination cells. Jumps over other balls are not allowed. In one move you can transfer only one ball regardless to the length of its path. After your turn, three more balls are dropped onto the field (their patterns and location are random). You will get more points if you line up more that five balls.

The rules in Advanced mode are a little different. You may score points when you tap on Surprise ball. And you may lose the points the same way, too. A ball cam move trough the field with a surprise ball, as it is empty. You can not move the rocks. You can only explode them with a bomb. Bomb will explode where you move it. If you don't have where to move the bomb it will explode when you tap on it.

What are the limitations of the Demo version?

You can download Pilot Lines Demo version by clicking on the image above. The Demo allows you to see all of the game features, but in only limited number of moves that you can make. Also, every time you start the game you will be reminded that you are running and unregistered version.

How to get the full version?

You may register Lines for $10 by clicking on a button above that says "Place your order". This will take you to an online store where you can place your order. To download your registration code after purchase, go to: MyStuff section.

Don't forget to supply your Pilot User Name (HotsyncID)! If you are not sure what your User Name is, please run this program. It will tell you what your UserName is, in a manner we can't get wrong.

What will I receive after purchasing Pilot Lines?

After placing an order you should receive a conformation of your purchase and can download your registration code from: MyStuff section.

What to do with the registration code?

All you need to do is run Pilot Lines and go to 'Menu", then "Options", then "Register" and enter the registration code you received. The code should be entered exactly as read, e.g. "2222-222-2222".

Noting will happen when you tap the "Register" button. If the User Name stored in your Palm Pilot is the same as the one mentioned in our e-mail to you, though, when you invoke 'Menu", then "Options", then "About" you will see: "Thank you for registering!". Otherwise, you will see a reminding that you are running unregistered version.

It still says "This is a demo version"! What do I do?

If you have entered the registration code you had received from us and still receive the "Unregistered version" nag, this probably means we have got an incorrect User Name. In this case, please check your User Name with the program TellID (that is, download it and run it on your Pilot). After you download and run it, please write us with the EXACT message you get on your screen and your ORDER NUMBER. We process all customer requests with higher priority, so don't be surprised to get an answer before you lift your finger from the keyboard ;-)

What is UserName?

Many people call UserName - HotSyncID. It is the name you entered when you first HotSync your Palm. You may see it every time you HotSync. We need your User Name to make Pilot Lines work on your Palm Pilot.


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