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BEIKS Space Lifter for Palm OS
Space arcade game for Palm with elements of logic and chance

Registered users

Current version: 5.5 (See revision history)
Requirements: Palm OS 3.5 and higher
Supported devices: Palm Tungsten, Palm Treo, Palm Centro and all other Palm OS 5 powered devices
Required products: None
Recommended for all users with Palm Desktop running on Microsoft Windows A compressed ZIP file containing all neccessary files; recommended for advanced users
Mania meter:

In Space Lifter, you operate a transportation space station. Much like your UPS colleagues down on Earth, you have to pick the cargo from where it was left and deliver it as quickly as possible to its destination. In whole.

Various obstacles of natural and artificial sources are in your way and prevent this job from being completely automated.

The G-force of a nearby planet is pulling the ship down whenever in open space and you must periodically use the engine power to maintain latitude. Left and right ship bumpers help you navigate your way through space.

Other space stations and occasional rockets better be avoided, although they could also be neutralized by using an energy-hungry power shield.

The initial game release features 50 different playing levels of increasing difficulty, plus some bonus levels. More levels can be created with the SpaceLifter Level Editor, which is also included in the trial packages for the game.


Upon each new assignment, watch carefully the landscape and make note of your initial fuel level.
Use any of the standard PDA buttons to skip the initial camera scroll through the playing field.

The four standard PIM hardware buttons on your PDA navigate the ship as follows:

Button Function
Date Book Turns on right-side push engines (push ship to left)
Address Book Turns on left-side push engines (push ship to right)
To Do Turns on main engine (push ship up)
Memo Pad Turns on the energy field for a while

Pick up cargos as soon as they appear on docks. Listen for the specific signal notifying you a cargo has been placed for delivery or periodically inspect docks for new deliveries.

Use the main ship engines to compensate the G-force and perform a soft landing. Monitor the fuel level and use it wisely to avoid falling short of it.

As soon as new cargo is loaded, its destination will be given. There are different types of cargo and they may have different requirements for the transportation process (see below).

Do not leave the boundaries of the playing field or your object may get lost in space or get caught by the G-force and crash.

Watch out as other objects in space may surprise you and help you or harm you. Here are some of them:

Object Description

Lost rocket by terrorists or fighters for freedom, all the same. Avoid them to stay alive.

Toxic haze clouds, released by ships without energy-star compliant engines. Block your own engines for a while, until the support robots clean the valves.

A passing by meteor can be dangerous for whole planets, let alone small ships.

Some absent-minded starship explorers occasionally forget to fix the fuel pack to their ships, thus giving others free extra fuel.

Communication satellites are very useful things, except when taken frontally. Actually, sometimes even then. They can't break the ship, but can easily push it out of its course.

Hey, this is a free Galaxy and everyone can lose what they feel like losing! If the Intergalactic Revenue Service has left a bunch of golden bars hang around, feel free to get them! It's tax free!

The nitro fuel enhancer boosts the burning power of the fuel cells, effectively resulting in faster ship acceleration and, usually, more noise.

Using anti-gravity packs can be sometimes useful and other times fun. However, make sure you do not mix it with the nitro fuel or you risk taking one-way flight to Somewhere.

The star gates are, well, galactic gates. They periodically open and close and you could only pass through them when they are open. Direct collision is highly unadvisable.

Cargo types are as follows:

Cargo Description

Standard cargo. Consider yourself lucky with this classic standard package and 2nd week delivery.

Explosives. "Handle with care, especially upon delivery".

Fruits. Deliver while fresh or take your financial responsibility.

Gemstones. More time is allocated for the delivery task, but the risk is higher.

Metal scrap. Ouch! The g-force has never been stronger with you, young Skywalker!

Fuel. Life has bright sides too. When transporting fuel you could use to power your own engines!


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