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BlackBerry Bible Viewer KJV, ASV, ASB, NET and other bibles for BlackBerry

Bible for BlackBerry phones


Using BeFTP to download Bibles for Noah Bible Viewer to a BlackBerry media card
An illustrated guide

Noah Bible Viewer 4 introduced support for media card, allowing Bibles to be stored on and opened from the media card in your BlackBerry rather than the main memory (RAM).

This solves a whole bunch of problems mostly related to mis-behavior of various applications, including Noah Bible Viewer itself, when the BlackBerry memory becomes limited or too fragmented.

Unfortunately, other platform limitations introduce a different set of problems, namely the inability of the built-in BlackBerry Web browser to download and store files of arbitrary type to the media card.

As of BlackBerry OS version 4.3 the BlackBerry Web browser can only download certain application and multimedia file types (COD, MP3, WAV, MPEG etc.) and even those have additional limitations; COD files, for example can only be stored in main RAM memory and pretty much all file types have various size limitations.

Future BlackBerry releases will sure improve the situation, but in the meantime users will have to rely on the file transfer protocol (FTP) technology, which was built to solve exactly the same type of problems back in the days when the desktop Web browsers were too immature.


  1. Both BeFTP 1.0 and Noah 4.0 (or later versions) must be already installed on the device; it does not matter if they were installed wirelessly or through a desktop.
  2. A BlackBerry phone with installed and formatted media card with at least 2 MB free space on it (the more the better).
    You can check if the inserted card is recognized by the device by going to the "Media" icon from the main launcher, then hitting the Menu button and choosing "Explore".
    A new window should come up, showing 3 folders: "Up", "Media Card" and "Device Memory".
  3. Noah 4 must have been run at least once on the device.
    This is needed so that it can create the appropriate folder on the media card where the Bibles should be stored.
    This folder is "/BlackBerry/BEIKS/Bibles/" and can also be created through the Media explorer, BeFTP itself or even a desktop, but the below guide presumes it already exists.

Getting down to business

1) Start BeFTP from the main application launcher as illustrated below: 2) Shortly after running the program, the registration reminder screen will show: 3) The main BeFTP screen shows up:
Note: on some BlackBerries, the installed 3rd party applications are located in a folder called "Applications", accessible through the main application list (not shown in image). Select and hit "Continue". You are granted a limited free license to use BeFTP for downloading BEIKS products from the BEIKS website. Hit "Open BEIKS Public FTP" to connect to the BEIKS file server. If you want to download and install a Bible from another file server, you will need to go through "Change account" first.
4) If everything is good, you should shortly see the BEIKS server folder: 5) The "public" folder may have one or more than one sub-folder, but you care about one in particular: 6) Repeat the same procedure until you get to the "/Public/BlackBerry/Noah/4.0" folder as shown below:
If BeFTP blocks or shows an error, you will need to do some troubleshooting.
Otherwise, select and click the "public" folder to get into it and see its contents.
Select and click the "BlackBerry" folder to get into it and see its contents. As you can see the available Bibles are organized in folders. Let's say you want to download the contents of the ASV_Full Bible build.
7) Select the desired Bible's folder and click it. For ASV_Full you should get the following: 8) When you click on a file, Noah comes up with a screen asking you to select a target folder for the download: 9) Repeat the same procedure until you get to "/SDCard/BlackBerry/BEIKS/Bibles" as shown below:
Each Bible is made of two files - contents and index. Both need to be transferred, one at a time, to the card.
Select and click the first file.
This is a simple file browser similar to the one in desktop browsers, where you can navigate the device or card directory structure. Select and hit "SDCard". If you do not see the BEIKS folder inside the BlackBerry folder, then read the prerequisites above; you can create the folder through BeFTP's menu, but beware as folder names are case sensitive!
10) Once in the correct target folder, hit the BlackBerry's menu button and choose "Download here..." :

11) Enjoy!

BeFTP should start the download and display the transferred amount in the top (status) line of the application.

Once ready, it should announce it with a message.

Which technically possible, we recommend that you do NOT work with the BlackBerry while a download is in progress.

Once the first file is successfully downloaded do not forget to download the second as well!

BeFTP remembers the last used target folder, so you will not need to specify it each time.

Click the ".." folder to get to the higher directory level where the other Bibles are.

You can store all Bible files in the same "/BlackBerry/BEIKS/BIBLES/" folder or you can organize them in sub-folders under it...Noah will find them either way.

Where do you go from here?