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Free BlackBerry FTP
FTP for BlackBerry


Troubleshooting connection problems with BeFTP for BlackBerry

BeFTP was developed mostly as a means for BEIKS customers to download e-books, dictionaries and other BEIKS products for BlackBerry directly to the phone's media card.

As a result, it was neither designed nor heavily tested to support the broad range of FTP servers and FTP protocol dialects used on the Web.

1) If BeFTP can connect to the BEIKS FTP server, but can not connect to your FTP server, then is likely either because it does not support your server's protocol or because your server is not properly configured. Try connecting using a different FTP client and eventually contact BEIKS with specifics about your server, possibly test account for us to experiment with.

2) If BeFTP can not connect to the default BEIKS web server, then it's usually either the connection method or your carrier/administrator has blocked the FTP communication protocol port 21; experiment with different options in the "Connection settings" screen (mostly BES/BIS/TCP) and if neither works, then it's likely that port 21 is blocked. By definition most BIS accounts have port 21 blocked, but in reality some carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon) actually leave them open.
At some point, BEIKS may as well open an FTP server on a different port, but it's ultimately up to the carrier/administrator to decide which ports are going to be open; a tight security policy disables all ports and only enables a few.

What this means is that ultimately you may be unable to use BeFTP and will have to consider other (desktop-to-device or desktop-to-media-card) means to install the files you want installed.
There is only so much we can do, especially without additional charges to the end user.

You may want to contact us or visit the BeFTP discussion thread at to find out more suggestions, download beta versions etc.

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