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Free BlackBerry FTP
FTP for BlackBerry


BeFTP for BlackBerry v. 2.58                                                             see revision history
Compact BlackBerry FTP client and media card file manager - now with many new features!

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BeFTP  is a free BlackBerry FTP client application.

It was developed by BEIKS in response popular demand for downloading and installing large reference files like dictionaries, e-books and travel phrase books directly the device's media card.

As the BlackBerry built-in Web browser does not offer download capability to arbitrary file types, but only applications and a very limited set of pre-defined media file types, the need for a solution that would allow any file to anywhere on the media card was apparent.

Free BlackBerry FTP client for infrequent, non-commercial use
The freely downloadable, unregistered version of BeFTP comes pre-configured to connect to the BEIKS public FTP site, from where BEIKS customers can download various reference content for the other popular BEIKS applications. Those users are granted a limited license to use BeFTP for downloading from the BEIKS public file server without having to pay for using it.

The same version can also be configured to connect to other FTP sites, still at no cost, however the connection configuration will not be remembered after the program is closed.

This makes BeFTP practically free FTP download client for infrequent file transfer needs.

Frequent application use and use for commercial purposes, including enterprise deployments, are only allowed upon registration.

Multiple, configurable accounts for registered users
The registered and the enterprise version of BeFTP allow for multiple accounts to be created and remembered between application sessions.

Create a list of FTP hosts, specify display name, host address and port, then quickly connect to that host whenever you need.

Media card file browser and manager

BeFTP allows you to browse both the internal file system and media card's contents, create and erase directories and files.

Future versions may include cut/copy/paste functionality, simple file viewer and more.

Please use the BeFTP public thread on BlackBerryForums to tell us what you need most.

Point the browser of your BlackBerry smart phone to

and download from there!

See the illustrated guide lower on this page for help.

Useful links
BeFTP limitations

Presently BeFTP can not resume downloads and uploads, has no support for secure communication (sFTP) and may fail to communicate with some FTP servers. There are well over 30 different FTP "dialects" and it does not support all of them, so PLEASE TRY IT FIRST!

If you want to help improve it please join the BeFTP discussion forum at BlackBerryForums and give us your feedback!

Downloading BeFTP directly to your BlackBerry

BEIKS highly recommends that you download and install BeFTP directly from the web to your BlackBerry. You can do this by pointing out the BlackBerry's browser to our mobile web site

Download BlackBerry FTP BeFTP Download BlackBerry FTP BeFTP Download BlackBerry FTP BeFTP BeFTP for BlackBerry at BEIKS.COM
1. Launch the Browser from
the main launcher screen
2. In the browser, click the wheel /
the Menu button to open Menu
3. Choose the "Go To..." menu
4. Go to
or .

Once there, you will easily find the BEIKS FTP for BlackBerry along with many other applications for your BlackBerry.

To avoid having to type in the URL you may consider remembering the page by choosing "Add Bookmark" from the browser menu while at the website's home page.


Please install and evaluate BeFTP prior to registering!

The BEIKS FTP client for BlackBerry does not impose time limitations for evaluation purposes.

While offering a practically functional FTP solution for BlackBerry at no charge, we ask users who make frequent or commercial use of it to obtain commercial registration.

This can be done through this page or directly from within BeFTP itself, by hitting the "Register" button in its registration reminder screen and then following the on-screen instructions.

In either case, you will need to provide some input information and will end up receiving a unique registration code that needs to be entered in the same application screen.

BEIKS reserves the right to make any changes in its licensing, distribution and pricing policy for unregistered users, at any time and without prior notifications!

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