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BlackBerry Bible Viewer KJV, ASV, ASB, NET and other bibles for BlackBerry

Bible for BlackBerry phones


Noah Bible Study Viewer v. 4.5
for BlackBerry smart phones

We hear this is the best Bible application for BlackBerry. Try it and tell us what you think.


BEIKS is proud to present the latest and greatest fourth major release of Noah Bible Viewer for BlackBerry phones!

Developed in response to popular demand, the Noah Bible Study Viewer was the first application to address the needs of the Christian community on the BlackBerry mobile platform in a high-quality, professional manner.

Thanks to all registered users Noah continues to lead the forefront of innovations, being the first of its kind to support media cards, hierarchical bookmarks and more!

As of version 4 Noah Bible Study offers the following main features:

  • Access multiple Bible translations with simple, intuitive interface
  • Jump the desired book, chapter and verse within seconds
  • Quick verse navigator implemented in response to user demand (new to version 4)
  • Add, list and jump to bookmarks in hierarchical view (new to version 4)
  • Install Bibles to media card (new to version 4; see OTA installation notes below)
  • All modern popular copyrighted Bible translations including NIV, NLT, NKJV, ESV, The Message and many more now available through Laridian (new to version 4)
  • Highlight and copy text
  • Add custom notes to verses
  • Slow full text search or very fast indexed token search
  • Select the output font size
  • Normal / bold font type modified
  • Auto scrolling with adjustable speed and direction
  • Install separate Old and New testament modules or complete mixed books
  • Access Spanish and Greek translations of the Bible
  • Read editor underline notes
  • No extra charges for accessing any public domain Bible translations: free is free!

This fully offline solution lets you install and carry any combination of the available Bible translations into your BlackBerry, making them accessible anywhere you go, coverage or not. Get public domain Bible translations like KJV, ASV, the Spanish Reina-Valera translation and more for free!

All that for just a single, one-time registration fee of $19.95. We try to make it worth!
Get the Bible in your BlackBerry today and enjoy its wisdom any time you want, anywhere you go!

Best of all, you do not have to just take our word for it! Download and preview Noah on your BlackBerry now - trial version downloads are free and let you evaluate the application for full 10 days!

▪ Any BlackBerry phone running OS 4.2 or later *

▪ 1 MB or more free RAM (device) memory

* Devices with BlackBerry OS version below 4.2 will not be able to run Noah 4, but could use Noah 3, which requires OS 4.0. Downloads and a purchase link for Noah 3 is available below.
 Noah 3 downloads
▪ KJV Bible - EXE , ZIP
▪ KJV Bible full - EXE , ZIP
▪ ASV Bible - EXE , ZIP
▪ ASV Bible full - EXE , ZIP
▪ La Biblia Reina-Valera - EXE , ZIP
▪ Westcott-Hort Bible (NT) - EXE , ZIP

Get activation key for Noah 3 through this link...

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Upgrading from previous Noah Bible Viewer versions - please read carefully!

The upgrade to version 4 is a commercial upgrade. Exception is made for BEIKS customers who have bought Noah Bible Viewer after January 1st 2008, i.e. within two months preceding the current release; their account records are automatically upgraded to the latest version at no additional cost. To take advantage of that, customers need to install the upgrade following the below instructions and log-in to their accounts at BEIKS' MyStuff section to obtain the new activation keys.
No additional payment is required on their end!

Note: since Noah 4 requires BlackBerry OS 4.2 while Noah 3 requires only BlackBerry OS 4.0 in some cases it may be practically impossible to upgrade and the automatic upgrade would serve no good purpose; let us know if your order was automatically upgraded, but your device can not take advantage of Noah 4.0!

Customers who have ordered Noah Bible Viewer 3 prior to January 1st 2008 are offered a discount to upgrade to the latest version.
To take advantage of it, they should log-in at the MYSTUFF area of the website and then follow the upgrade link under their original order.

Owners of Noah 1 and Noah 2 are NOT offered incentives to upgrade to Noah 4 and can either pass on it or purchase it for its full price.

Noah Bible Viewer 4 is significantly different internally from its predecessor.
It will not co-exist with Noah 3 nor will it open Bibles created for Noah 3.
Unfortunately, it will also not recognize preferences, bookmarks and notes created within Noah 3; all such data will have to be entered again with the new version.

We realize the loss of possibly valuable user data caused from this last condition, apologize about it and work very hard to avoid getting in the same situation ever again. Noah 4 has some built-in features to that extent, but it is also possible that it gets a free additional upgrade aimed particularly at protecting the user-entered data.

Also note that because version 4 was particularly aimed at supporting media cards it requires BlackBerry OS 4.2 whereas Noah 3 requires BlackBerry OS 4.0; if your BlackBerry can not be upgraded to OS 4.2 or higher then you will not be able to take advantage of Noah Bible Viewer 4.

We highly recommend that you completely uninstall Noah 3 from your BlackBerry (and eventually desktop) prior to installing version 4.

Here is a quick un-install guide:
First, connect your BlackBerry to the host desktop or laptop and launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
Second, open the Application Loader and click the "Next" button; you should see the list of BlackBerry application modules.
Third, uncheck all titles related to the Noah Bible Viewer: the viewer itself and all KJV or ASV modules.
When all Noah titles are unchecked, click "Next" again. Then once more.
At this point the Desktop Manager should take the long procedure of uninstalling the modules followed by the often longer procedure of the BlackBerry unit re-organizing its memory.
Fourth, as soon as the Desktop Manager reports it is ready, close it and go to the Windows Control Panel from the Start button.
Fifth, in Control Panel open the "Add/Remove Programs" and locate the Noah installation(s); look for titles starting with "BEIKS".
Click the "Remove" button for each one of them.

Downloading Noah Bible Viewer and Bible translations for it

To get a working Noah Bible Viewer installation you need two things: Noah Bible Viewer itself and one or more Bible translations (e-books) for it.

There are two major alternate ways to install Noah and the Bibles for it - through a desktop or over-the-air directly to the device. Each is explained shortly below.

Desktop installations are made through  Desktop Manager /  Application Loader on Microsoft Windows or their substitutes on other platforms, like PocketMac or The Missing Sync for BlackBerry.

The below table lists the currently available Bibles for the latest Noah Bible Viewer. Unless otherwise noted, all BEIKS distributives include the latest Noah Bible Viewer itself, the Bible files needed for installing in the main device memory (RAM), another set for installing to a media card, and a short installation guide.

There are two download formats - EXE and ZIP.

EXE distributives are self-extracting, guided application installations for Microsoft Windows powered computers only; click on the EXE link and Windows should ask if you want to save or run the file; choose to save on your computer, e.g. on the desktop.
Once the download is complete, Windows will ask again what to do and this time you can choose "Open" (or "Run").
From there on just follow the installation instructions.
Windows installations let you choose whether you want to install the Bible in the main memory or on the media card. Both options will be selected by default and if your BlackBerry does not have a media card you will need to de-select the media card option.

ZIP distributives contain basically the same set of files, but without the guided installation wizard. They too can be used on Windows powered computers, but are mostly needed by Mac OS X users.
Installation to the media card is likely to be more complex in this case as neither PocketMac nor The Missing Sync for BlackBerry can target the card as of the date of this writing; you will have to manually copy the necessary files to the card. Instructions how to do that are included in the distributive's ReadMe file.

Title Language Source EXE download for Microsoft Windows * ZIP download for Windows, OS X  **
Noah Bible Viewer (NBV), standalone distributive English BEIKS Standalone distributive is not currently available. Please use one of the below downloads or download Noah from .

Free, public domain Bible translations for Noah Bible Viewer converted by BEIKS or donated by users

Noah Bible Viewer with King James Version Bible, separate OT & NT English public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer with King James Version Bible, OT & NT in one volume English public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer with American Standard Version Bible, separate OT & NT English public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer with American Standard Version Bible, OT & NT in one volume English public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer with World English Bible (WEB), OT and NT in one volume English public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer and La Biblia Reina-Valera Espaņol public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer and Westcott-Hort New Testament Bible Greek public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer and  Russian Bible, OT and NT in one volume - Русская Библия для Блекбери Russian
public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer and  Bulgarian Bible, OT+NT - Четете Библията на Блекбери Bulgarian
public domain Free download Free download
Noah Bible Viewer and Chinese Union Version Bible (CUV Bible for BlackBerry) Chinese
public domain Free download Free download

Copyrighted (commercial) Bible releases for Noah Bible Viewer available through BEIKS partners

New International Version (NIV) Bible
New Living Translation (second edition) Bible
New King James Version (NKJV) Bible
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
English Standard Version Bible (ESV)
The Message
The Amplified Bible
New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Bible
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
Revised Standard Version Bible (RSV)
Today's New International Version  (TNIV)
English Laridian Inc.

For download and order see Laridian's web site

Direct over-the-air installations to your BlackBerry are also possible through version of BEIKS' website optimized for mobile devices and available at Open your BlackBerry web browser and point it there now!

Downloading over-the-air is generally easier (even if sometimes a bit slower), with two notable exceptions:

First, some carriers do not allow downloading large applications directly to the main memory. If you are with AT&T in US, for example, chances are great that when you try to download a Bible you will get error 907: Invalid COD file even though the Noah Bible Viewer itself will download OK.
Alas, there is nothing we can do about this limitation. Talk to your carrier to remove it, use desktop installations or install to the media card (see below).

Second, installing files to the media card is unfortunately more complex than just clicking a link on the browser and telling it where to save the file. This is a browser-imposed limitation which will hopefully be fixed in future BlackBerry OS releases, but presently one needs the help of a specialized file transfer (FTP) application in order to download a file to the media card.
For an illustrated guide on how to use BeFTP to download Bibles to the media card, click here.

BlackBerry Storm user notes

You will need a special version of Noah Bible Viewer created especially for BlackBerry Storm.

All desktop distributives on this site already include both builds of Noah Bible Study Viewer and automatically install the proper files on your BlackBerry , be it a Storm or another type.

The over-the-air installations available at have two different links - one is for Storm users only and the other is for all other BlackBerries currently on the market.

If you have a Storm device and by chance have installed Noah build that was not made especially for the Storm, you will need to delete it first and then install the BlackBerry Storm specific version; once you do that, you will also need to turn off the infamous compatibility mode of the BlackBerry Storm for this particular application: go to the global device Settings, then Options, then Advanced Options, then Applications and locate the Noah Bible Viewer there.

Highlight it, then hit the menu button and choose the command for disabling Compatibility Mode.


Noah Bible Viewer's goal is to allow individuals to access public domain and personally owned Bible translations on a BlackBerry device at no extra cost other than the cost of the reader we are developing.
By "registering" we actually mean supporting our efforts by purchasing the application for a one-time $19.95 fee and obtaining the right to use the application for unlimited period of time on your BlackBerry.

We also reserve the right to charge for upgrades we make in the future. As a general rule, BEIKS avoids charging fees for program upgrades made within a 12 month period of the initial product release. Often we do not charge for upgrade for years, but there is no strict rule as there are many and different factors that determine the internal and then the user cost of an upgrade.

We are also working on releasing a public form of a Bible e-book builder for Noah so that users and organizations can create their own e-books for use with the program.

We will gladly review and, if doable with reasonable effort on our side, convert Bible translations you submit to us; HTML, XML and plain text formats are the preferred format and you are solely responsible for the right to use the original.

Note we are careful with the use of "public domain" versus "copyrighted" works. Most popular Bible translations in the western world are NIV, NKJV, The Message and others, which are not  in the public domain (amazing, isn't it!).

Obtaining such Bible translations for use with Noah will likely cost additionally, if at all possible. Surprisingly enough, copyright owners are not overly enthusiastic about spreading the good words through others and often flatly refuse even commercial licensing to other companies.

If all of the above seems about right, then

(c) 1998-2010 BEIKS LLC. All rights reserved.
RIM, BlackBerry and the RIM graphical logo are trade marks or reserved trade marks of Research In Motion Inc.
All other used trademarks belong to their registered owners.