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Spellchecker for BlackBerry


LexSpell spelling checker v. 2.7                                                             see revision history
for BlackBerry smart phones

A BlackBerry spell checker the way you wanted it

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If you are looking for a spelling checker for your BlackBerry smart phone look no further!

BEIKS proudly presents the BlackBerry version of its vastly popular spelling checker LexSpell, the well known and - in some cases - ultimate proofing tool for the Palm PDA and smart phone users.

Utilizing a proven proofing engine
Unlike some other spelling checkers on the market, LexSpell relies on a proofing engine developed and polished for over 15 years! One that, among other things, accounts for typing errors and allows for typographical replacement suggestions, allows ignoring the commonly used exceptions like abbreviations and URLs.
Same applies to the spell checker word lists: assembled and continuously optimized for the purpose of spell-checking and not barely a quick mockup of an unabridged dictionary headwords.

Completely offline
LexSpell avoids the pitfall of having to rely on a server based component, hence the data plan and coverage. If your desktop word processor never needed a server to spell check then neither should your phone!

Optimized for RIM BlackBerry smart phones
One of the reasons LexSpell arrived late at the BlackBerry scene was because it was carefully and heavily optimized to run at a maximum speed on the actual devices.
We believe the result speaks for itself.

Leaving the pricing responsibility to the end user
One of the most appealing features of LexSpell for BlackBerry is its licensing mechanism.
Each individual user is given a limited, personal license to use the application for evaluation and non-commercial purposes for as long as reasonably needed to decide if LexSpell brings value to their mobile communication experience.
We ask everyone who uses LexSpell frequently, or for business, including all enterprises, to purchase appropriate license, be it individual or volume license.

However, there is nothing in the application that enforces that requirement.
We live it up to your judgment and ethics.

Point the browser of your BlackBerry smartphone to


and download from there!
 (see image guide below)

Download links for Windows and Mac OS X distributives are NOT directly available.

If you want to install LexSpell through a Windows or Mac OS X powered computer, please enter your email below and click the "Go!" button.

The download links will be sent to that email immediately.

Downloading the LexSpell spelling checker for BlackBerry

BEIKS highly recommends that you download and install the LexSpell spelling checker directly from the web to your BlackBerry. You can do this by pointing out the BlackBerry's browser to our mobile web site

Downloading LexSpell spell checker for BlackBerry Downloading LexSpell spell checker for BlackBerry Downloading LexSpell spell checker for BlackBerry Downloading LexSpell spell checker for BlackBerry
1. Launch the Browser from
the main launcher screen
2. In the browser, click the wheel /
the Menu button to open Menu
3. Choose the "Go To..." menu
Note the lack of www prefix!

Once there, you will certainly find LexSpell for BlackBerry quite easily.

We recommend that you bookmark into your BlackBerry's browser as there is a wealth of useful applications you will find there.


List most or actually all other BEIKS applications for BlackBerry, the LexSpell spelling checker can - and should - be freely downloaded and for some time on a person's device.

While offering a fully functional proofing solution at no cost and without limitations, we ask users who make frequent or commercial use of it to obtain commercial registration.

BEIKS reserves the right to make any changes in its licensing, distribution and pricing policy for unregistered users, at any time and without prior notifications!
Make sure you evaluate LexSpell prior to registering!

(c) 1998-2010 BEIKS LLC. All rights reserved.
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All other used trademarks belong to their registered owners.