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Have troubles obtaining or using our applications? Let's see what we can do...


If you have a problem placing an order on our site...

If you do not know how to download or activate the application you have purchased (recently or in the past)...

If the application is telling you the activation key is incorrect...

If you have recently changed your device to the same or newer model and need to transfer purchased applications...

If you have recently changed your device to a device powered by different operating system (e.g. a BlackBerry to Windows Mobile powered device)...

If you want to contact BEIKS...



Return policy

Trial versions with full or close to full functionality are available for almost BEIKS products.

While it is not practically possible to enforce installing a trial (and we wish we could!), we ask customers to do so before purchasing an application.

It is customer's responsibility to check for conditions like device or media memory required by the application, operating system requirements etc. and often the easiest way to see if the application works on a particular device is to simply download and install its trial version!


BEIKS reserves the right to refuse product return / refund request based on a claim that the customer did not know what the product looks like or if it was compatible with its device!

Exceptions to this rule are products that do NOT offer trial downloads.

If there is a problem with the product that we can not solve within reasonable time frame and conveniently for the customer, returns of orders placed via www.beiks.com may be made within 7 days of the order confirmation receipt.


For refund requests, please contact us by email with your invoice number.

Note we are NOT able to issue credits for orders placed through distributors for the simple reason we were not the one who got the payment in the first place.


Ordering problems

On some rare occasions customers experience problems placing orders at our site.

If this has happened to you the first thing we would suggest is close your browser, start a new session and try again. Most of the time this would work just fine.


The next thing to try would be the same, except, if possible, with a different card.


Like every other merchant we use the services of a bank to authorize card and capture payments and sometimes banks do not seem to communicate properly with each other.


Eventually, we suggest contacting us by either sending an email or directly calling our support line +1 214 774 2806.


Ultimately, you can simply purchase the product through some of our distributors. Below is a list of a few such distributors:

Note that distributors may impose additional conditions upon customers, i.e. paying extra for keeping the order on file, requirements to contact the distributor before contacting developer and so on!


Downloading and activating purchased applications


Most BEIKS applications are available for free download and evaluation.


With a few exceptions (Install Expert, InterType for Palm OS) there is no difference between the publicly available evaluation download and the download for a "purchased" application.


What is different is that customers are given a unique activation key, which prevents the trial download from expiring, cutting some or all functionality or otherwise affecting its  use.


Once you purchase, you should receive the activation key in your email within minutes of completing the order.


There are two emails you should receive - one is the sales receipt and the other is the activation key for the application. It usually has the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX , i.e. three 4-digit decimal numbers.


From the moment the purchase is finalized, your order (and the activation key, and the link to the application file - public or private) also become available at the MYSTUFF area of our site. You can access that by using your invoice number and Owner ID as specified on the page itself.


Orders will be available at MYSTUFF for quite some time, but not forever. We strongly recommend making a local copy of both the files and associated activation keys (if any).


To activate the application you supposed to run it and, if it does not automatically prompt you to enter a registration key, you should pull its menu and choose "Register..." from it.


That should produce a registration screen asking for your activation (aka registration) key.


Punch it in, hit the "Activate" or "Register" button and you should be done.


Note 1: If you have purchased your application long time ago, chances are it may not be available for public download at the time you need it.

There are two things you can do in this case:


First, look at both the product page and inside MYSTUFF for links to previous application version distributives. Sometimes we post them on the product page , sometimes within MYSTUFF and sometimes we just remove links to them for various reasons.

Second, if that does not help, then you can email us with request to provide the distributive. Please include some information about your original order that authenticates it.

Note 2: While striving to ensure your convenience we do not guarantee online availability of orders older than 5 calendar years. For your best protection we strongly advise that you make a copy of all application downloads and activation codes.


Application insists the entered key is incorrect


Below are the most common reasons why an application would report the key you are entering is incorrect:


1) You have recently changed your device.

Even if the device is of the same model it may have different unique identifier (actually guaranteed to happen for BlackBerries) and the activation key will need to be different.
Obtaining activation key for a different device is called transferring & a license and is handled in a different help topic.


2) You may have given us an incorrect Owner Identification.

Every activation key is generated based on the user-provided Owner Identification - a unique piece of information identifying the device on which the key will have to work.
For BlackBerry devices that is the PIN number of the phone (not the SIM card!); for Windows Mobile devices this is the owner's name as provided in the Settings application available through the Start button; for Palm OS devices this is the Hotsync name used to identify each device to the according Hotsync application.

All our applications display the Owner ID that you need to provide us in the same screen where the activation key needs to be entered. We may also call it the Device ID.


The provided Owner ID can be updated by you through the same process that is used for transferring the license to a different device.


The Owner ID is NOT case-sensitive. "USER JOE" is the same as "User Joe".


Some characters are relatively easy to confuse, e.g. "8" with "B" and "0" with "D" (that is particularly true for BlackBerry devices).


3) You are trying to activate a different version of the application than the one the key is meant for.

Different application versions may require different activation keys. This is usually the case when the upgrade to the newer version is commercial.

If you have purchased long ago and installed or restored from a backup, then used MYSTUFF to get the latest key and it does not work then there is a chance you may fall in this category.

Compare the reported application version in MyStuff and the version reported in the About box of the application on your device.

Also, when superseding applications BEIKS usually adds "/superseded/" at the end of the application title.


You have two options here - to upgrade (use the upgrade link under your purchase in MYSTUFF) or to seek a distributive of the application version that you have purchased (see "Downloading and activating purchased applications").


As usual, if this does not help you should contact us.


License transfer policy - device change upgrade or Owner ID change

If you had changed your device chances are your previous activation keys will not work anymore. On some devices/platforms they might, on others they might not.

This is because the application licensing mechanism is tied to a device property, which may be different for each device.
We call that property Owner ID and it is different for different devices and mobile platforms.

When changing devices, it is only normal to expect that your purchased application will still be working (unless explicitly stated otherwise upon purchasing).
Since the application's functionality is tied to a particular device property, what needs to be done is our records to be updated with the current device's property (Owner ID) and then the corresponding activation/registration keys to be generated again, this time using the updated owner information.

The accumulated user base over the years makes it practically impossible to service such updates (license transfers) manually, upon customer request.


We keep getting requests for purchases made a whooping 5 (five!) years earlier  - perfectly valid requests, which, however, increase cost of doing business and make servicing them unacceptable.

After a long consideration and extensive consultation with our customers, we adopted a policy of an automated, self-servicing license transfer, allowing one free and two low-cost transfers for each 365-day period following the original order.


For example, if you ordered on May 5th 2005, then you have one free and two paid license transfers before May 5th 2006, then another 1 free and 3 paid before May 5th 2007 and so on.


To self-service your license transfer please log-in to MyStuff with your original order credentials, then use the "Device Change" link at the top right of the home page.

Why charge for subsequent transfers? And why only two?

It is easy to explain the general logic and hard to defend any particular number.
In a nutshell, allowing for unlimited license transfers defeats the whole purpose of having licenses in the first place. And licenses are to encourage payment (we pay bills too!) while helping protect from software piracy.
At the one end is the endless flow of users who keep calling years after purchase with logically valid requests to transfer a license, a flow which we can't handle without introducing additional costs.
At the other end is the completely open application, which less people will be paying for and some will start selling on their own behalf, charging us with support. It has happened in the past and it will happen again without some form of licensing protection.
The balance is to have customers self-service license transfer, but pay for it. Little enough that it doesn't hurt them individually, but big enough to stop someone for turning into private reseller.
As stated above, the 1 free / 2 paid transfers policy was adopted after consulting with a lot of customers. We all agreed it is not perfect, but we could not come up with anything better.
Let us know if you do!

License transfer to a different mobile platform

When you change your device from one powered by certain software platform to another powered by a different software platform we call this cross-grading.

For example you may change a Palm Treo running Palm OS to a BlackBerry running RIM's specific version of Java ME; you can change from a BlackBerry to a HTC device running Windows Mobile or you can even change Palm Treo running Palm OS to a Palm Treo running Windows Mobile.

It's still cross-grading because the underlying operating system has changed.

Because different mobile software platforms differ from each other - in some cases quite significantly - it is logical to expect that we, the software application developers, incur  additional costs for making an application available to a different mobile platform. Sometimes they are small and in other cases it is practically the same as developing and supporting a whole new application.

If you see that your already purchased BEIKS application is available for the platform of your new device, then you should be able to cross-grade to it at a discounted price.

To do that, you should log-in to MYSTUFF and look under your existing order.

A cross-grade link should be available under your original order.

If it is not, please contact us and have it enabled. Make sure to include the product title in reference.

Lost login details for MyStuff (lost order, lost Owner ID)

If you have lost your order number or Owner ID then you can not log-in to MyStuff to access your activation codes or downloads.

However, you have them sent to the email address associated with the order.

You do that through the order details request form at the home page of MyStuff. not guarantee it will be fulfilled.
It is also possible that we request a processing fee for the manual handling of such request.


Contacting BEIKS:  Web form, email, fax and phone


Below are the most efficient ways of solving a problem you may have with our software, in order of likelyhood to succeed:

    1) Consider reading the product's user manual or FAQ section.

    2) After the manual, try checking the product's page online; most products have an online "Known Issues" section which gets updated dynamically with knowledge we gain throughout the product life cycle

    3) Use the online SUPPORT REQUEST FORM to send us a message for your problems. This method of contacting us is actually better than email because in the entry form we ask for information that you often forget to provide on your first email and because we distribute it better internally than a generic email.
       Emails are sometimes incorrectly classified as spam or junk and we may simply miss it!

   4) Write an email to our tech support email address support@beiks.com .
   Web form and email are not just a preferred support option...they actually have a better chance of yielding a faster and more accurate response than a phone call (when available).


   5) Check the online web forum and search for other posts about similar problem there

   6) Phone support has been cut off as of July 2012. We apologize for the inconvenience. Emails are still read and replied to though!


Unsubscribing from the email notifications list

Although we use email notifications relatively rarely and mostly to report about a program update, you may not want to hear from us. If this is the case, please let us know and you won't hear from us.


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