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English<->Spanish Dictionary Gold for Sharp Zaurus
Description:  English<->Spanish Dictionary Gold for Z with 35,000 entries in each direction
Processor platform:


Current version: 5.2 (revision history)
Requirements: Sharp Zaurus running Qtopia on ARM processor
Occupied memory: 1 MB
Known issues/FAQ: Known issues
Price: $4.95


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Required products: N/A
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  • BDicty Dictionary Reader for Sharp Zaurus

    Product details

    The Gold version of the bi-directional English/Spanish dictionary is designed to help international travelers in their use of everyday Spanish.

    Help is only a few taps away with the award-winning BDicty Dictionary Reader, which brings the power and quality of the rich bi-directional English-Spanish dictionary databases at your fingertips.

    The package offers translation of over 35,000 basic words in each direction - far more than any active vocabulary has - and occupies the modest amount of 1.1 MB highly compressed memory.

    This application alone will double the value of your Z and prove once again it's not only a geeky toy!


      English-Spanish Dictionary Lexicon /Gold/ and Spanish-English Dictionary Lexicon /gold/
      Translation of over 35,000 basic entries in each direction
      Multiple translations for each entry
      Easy to install and use
      Works from RAM, CF or SD card
      Customizable interface, including support for left-handed
      Adjustable fonts
      Most recently looked up list
      Horizontal / Vertical view modes
      Dictionary browsing
      Cross-reference lookups
      Expandable with large selection of language, scientific and entertainment dictionaries
      Multiplatform: available for Palm OS, Pocket PC and Sharp Zaurus (Linux)
      Excellent data compression, leaving more spaces for other applications
      Free program updates*
      Free lexicon updates*

    Note: The downloadable trial version is fully functional for 30 days.

    General Information:

  • This package includes a free public copy of BDicty Dictionary Reader, which is sufficient for dictionary browsing and lookups; however, there might be a more recent version of the reader already available and free for download as a separate title

  • A more enhanced and commercial version of BDicty Dictionary Reader might be or become available at some point; if so, be advised that it would be separate title, unless otherwise mentioned in the product description.

  • To install, first download the file (e.g. BDicty-EnSpaEn_Pkt.ipk) and save it somewhere on your computer; then start Qtopia Desktop and click the Documents icon on the bar on the left. Drag the downloaded file and drop it in the Qtopia Desktop folder (the Z must be in its craddle and connected!). When the file is copied to the handheld, tap the document icon at the upper right corner of the Z to open the documents folder and you will see the package there.

  • For questions and suggestions please email

    * No 100% compatibility is guaranteed when switching from platform to platform; platform transition fee may apply
    ** Beiks reserves the right to issue commercial upgrades if the upgrade costs are too high; however, we guarantee that there will be no more than one such commercial upgrade per calendar year and only if there is a need for it. For example, there were no commercial upgrades during 2000-2002.

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